Chris Harrison Sides with The Bachelor Season 21 Star Nick Viall

The Bachelor Season 21
The Bachelor Season 21

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison sided with Nick Viall on The Ellen DeGeneres Show amid claims that Viall was “guarded and not sincere.” The selection of Viall as the star of The Bachelor Season 21 already created a lot of stir, which continued even after the season premiere.

Fans even questioned whether Viall, who previously appeared on two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of The Bachelor in Paradise, had the right reasons to be in the show.

Chris Harrison Defends Bachelor Nick Viall

Harrison admitted before DeGeneres that Viall was indeed skating when The Bachelor Season 21 started off earlier in January. However, he assured that Viall’s attitude would change soon.

“At the beginning of this show, he’s kind of skating, and he’s kind of just going through the paces and going through the motions,” he said the US Weekly quoted. “Sometimes you got to have that come-to-Jesus meeting. I had one of those with Nick. It definitely gets to that breaking point of ‘I need you to show up.’”

Harrison also spoke about Corinne Olympios, who has already become the reigning villain of the show. He revealed that while Corinne isn’t the one everyone can relate to, she has become his “spirit animal.”

He said that it is best that neither he nor The Bachelor interfered, after acknowledging Corinne’s aggressive ways in pursuing Viall.

Nick Viall Likes Women with Moves

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor Season 21, Viall and his seven ladies practiced dance with the Backstreet Boys. The rehearsals would help the group perform as backup dancers that evening.

According to Viall, he was completely at home with the boy band. He added that he also likes girls with moves.

The Backstreet Boys have been helping me close deals for like two decades. So I feel right at home with them. It’s a good group,” he told People magazine. “The women have some moves! I like a girl with moves. I like a girl who can shine and take over a room.”

He added,” I want a girl who can mix it up and have fun and be the life of the party sometimes.”

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Photo Source: Instagram/ Nick Viall

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Chris Harrison Sides with The Bachelor Season 21 Star Nick Viall

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