Choices Stories You Play New Episodes Out, Rules of Engagement Book 2 Drops

Choices Stories You Play
The Freshman Book 3 cover art by Limetown Studios

The Choices Stories You Play new episodes are here and things are escalating for every story. In addition, this week’s update sees the arrival of Rules of Engagement Book 2. Spoilers ahead for readers who have not yet delved on the recent installments.

Mystery and romance fans would be delighted with this week’s Endless Summer. After a very heated and divided atmosphere bombarded La Huerta in previous episodes, chapter 7 unites the whole gang in an epic way to make peace–a feast!

Thanks to Raj’s efforts, Jake and Sean finally decided to ditch their disagreements. Instead, the guys and the rest of their respective teams accepted the fact that in order to get off the island, they must work together.

Surprisingly, it did not take long for the now-united group to find the solution to their problem. What they need to do now is look for the island’s observatory.

Meanwhile, things are not looking well for the main character in #LoveHacks. MC finally goes out on a date with Ray, dedicated to push his buttons for the sake of a viral article. However, he transforms later in the night as a “decent” guy, which makes MC feel “icky” about writing a Worst Date Ever part 2 for him.

To add to the drama, Cole deduces that Mark is on pattern seven. In simpler terms, he’s dealing with the Amy breakup by watching Space Jam over and over.

Things escalate for Braidwood Manor while it’s a slow dance for The Freshman

Things are looking worse for Braidwood Manor‘s MC. After sharing an unexpected heartfelt moment with Thomas, she earns the third key. Later on, she and the Waverley siblings distract Eleanor to get the fourth one.

However, when MC opens the cellar door, she faces a burning monstrosity looking for her children. Is this Mama Waverley? If so, what happened to her?

Meawhile, this week’s The Freshman installment offers little for the plot moving forward. However, an interesting bit happens towards the very end of the episode.

According to Tumblr user Holly Ashton, after playing Never Have I Ever in Madison’s birthday, the MC learns that Zig has been convicted of a crime before. But what crime though?

Choices Stories You Play Rules of Engagement Book 2

Finally, after the rather disappointing finale of book 1, Rules of Engagement Book 2 is here according to Pixelberry‘s official Twitter account. As consolation, the MC gets to talk with her three suitors. What’s better is each one of them is willing to help her with the ex-boyfriend situation.

How long do readers have to wait before her marriage gets nullified? Choices Stories You Play fans will find out more next week when new chapters drop again.

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Image Source: Twitter/Limetown Studios

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Choices Stories You Play New Episodes Out, Rules of Engagement Book 2 Drops

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