Choices Stories You Play Diamonds: Recaps and that Most Wanted 2 Bomb

Choices Stories You Play diamonds
Endless Summer

New episodes are in for Pixelberry’s Choices. Find out which premium options will require Choices Stories You Play diamonds. Learn the biggest progress in this week’s chapters as well.

Endless Summer is at Chapter 13 with One of Us Isn’t Supposed to be Here while The Freshman Book 3 is in its 10th Chapter with Caught in the Middle. Rules of Engagement Book 2 moves forward with Chapter 7 Reality Bites while #LoveHacks brings Chapter 12, We Dated Three Guys at Once So You Don’t Have To.

Endless Summer Recap: Who Does not Belong?

Last episode showed MC, Sean and Jake back in La Huerta. However, before they reunite with their friends, a weird-looking group of people attacks them.

At the opening of this week’s episode, the group goes to the rooftop of The Celestial and looks for signs of the weird-looking people. They craft a plan to lock themselves in, barricade the hotel and search for any weapons to use. They also label the weird-looking people as the Watchers.

Later, when the group is busy barricading the points of entry in the hotel, Iris reveals out of the blue that there is a subterranean tunnel in the hotel. Though she does not know where exactly it is, her search reveals something related to the wine cellar.

Quinn and Sean goes out to find where the tunnel is. Meanwhile, Aleister, Lila and Raj create traps for any intruders using what they can. In the process of creating traps, they find a picture of the hotel owner inside a game room.

Meanwhile, Jake and Estela take care of collecting weapons. While MC is talking to them, she hears a cheer. It appears the gang found the hotel owner’s game room. There, MC spots the game shown in the photo.

Surprisingly, it says Most Wanted 2. Could this be a clue about the release of Most Wanted‘s second book? MC gets the chance to play the game with a series of timed choices.

When MC matches the high score, the machine lets her enter her initials. However, it won’t do anything. Instead, entering the hotel owner’s initials–E.A.R.– reveals a hidden hall. When the group enters, they discover it is some sort of security command center.

In one of the consoles, MC finds a T.E.R.S. button, which Iris reveals as the Tsunami Emergency Response System. Using it will seal all doors and windows at the hotel for 12 hours. MC must choose between pushing the button or not.

Later on, a shocked Craig hands MC a manila folder with her photo attached to it. When MC opens the file, it reveals that she has a threat assessment at level 10 and that she was born on La Huerta. A big “WHO IS SHE” is written on the profile.

Another sheet of paper falls from the folder, showing a warning. It says that an asset codenamed SERPENS gained access to the plane. It shows a photo of Aleister and reveals he’s an Rourke International Agent.

The group decides to confront him in the rooftop. He then reveals that he is the hotel owner’s son.

Choices Stories You Play Diamonds Required

When Quinn volunteers to go find the wine cellar, MC is left with a premium choice. Choosing to go with Quinn will cost 18 diamonds. Later on, Jake and Estela offer their fighting expertise to MC and suggest to teach her. However, choosing them both will cost 18 diamonds.

Do you think the Choices Stories You Play diamonds choices were worth it? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Choices Stories You Play Diamonds: Recaps and that Most Wanted 2 Bomb

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