Choices Endless Summer Recap: Grace Brings Up Time Travel

Choices Endless Summer
Endless Summer

New chapters are in for the week and one of the thrilling standouts is the new episode from Choices Endless Summer. Meanwhile, new chapters are also in for the other stories.

The gang who ventured to the La Huerta Observatory are now back at The Celestial to tell their other friends what happened. They brought Iris along with them. Naturally, most of them could only gawk at the advanced hologram technology before them.

Michelle tends to the wounded members from the Observatory group. When Iris reiterates that her memory has been wiped clean, Michelle raises her suspicion. She quips that there’s no way for them to know whether the A.I. is telling the truth.

When Iris agrees by saying that she was not programmed to show any signs of deception, Michelle gives up the matter.

The story progresses with Estela suggesting that Iris be destroyed. She argues that the machine can’t be trusted. Iris then pleads with the group to refrain.

Raj disagrees with Estela. When the latter attempts to approach Iris, Raj steps in front of her. There’s a heated moment between the two before the MC is given another option whether to side with Estela or Raj.

If the MC chooses “Raj is right,” she pleads with Estela and argues that none from the group even trusted her before. Despite her protests, Estela eventually backs down.

Consequently, when Quinn asks whether MC heard the voices on the radio right, Iris replays the recordings she made. The recordings revealed that people on the other end of the radio saw the La Huerta volcano erupting before their eyes. One of the voices Iris mimics says:

“This is unbelievable. The La Huerta volcano is erupting, but… it’s not like anything I’ve ever seen. God help us all.”

However, Craig dismisses the thought and says that it makes no sense since they are alive and well. The volcano is still intact on the island and no eruption happened.

It is because of this that Grace offers her wildest theory yet. According to her, the voices could be from the future and the eruption hasn’t happened yet.

Everyone thinks it’s silly. However at a logical standpoint Sean thinks that whether the time travel bit is true or not, the fact remains that no one is out there to rescue them.

Raj then reveals that when the Observatory group were out, the group at the hotel found something. It was a picture of a marina harboring yachts and speedboats. The marina is actually just south of the island and so the group somehow agrees to venture out there once more.

Choices Endless Summer Premium Options

While the group prepares to head to the marina, MC returns to the suite. Quinn then pays MC a visit and they have a small talk about the Observatory group being gone for a while.

It turns out Quinn found some clothes in her suite fit for mountain climbing with some tools. She offers it to MC, but accepting it requires 25 diamonds. If MC decides to turn it down, Quinn feels really upset.

Meanwhile, another premium choice appears when the group arrives at the marina. All the boats have been destroyed by fire, but a speedboat survives.

It could only fit three people, with Sean and Jake volunteering first. They ask MC to join which will cost 20 diamonds. Choosing the premium scene leads the three of them out to sea.

However, the nice weather transitions into a storm. A monster then appears from beneath the waters which then ends the chapter on a cliffhanger.

What did you think of this week’s Choices Endless Summer chapter? Start the conversation in the comments below.

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Choices Endless Summer Recap: Grace Brings Up Time Travel

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