Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 12 Shows Priest Protecting Murder Suspects

Chicago PD season 4 episode 12
NBC's Chicago P.D.

When Chicago PD season 4 episode 12 drops, the Intelligence team will face a challenge in the form of a priest and church parishioners. These people will stand in the unit’s way of pursuing two murder suspects.

According to a Chicago PD exclusive report from TV Guide, next episode sees Voight (Jason Beghe) and company in pursuit of two boys who just fled a crime scene.

The two suspects find sanctuary in a church. Unfortunately for the squad, the priest and some members of the congregation won’t allow them entry.

TV Guide further describes the clip, “As the priest explains, the boys are in foster care, and don’t have the access to the legal resources he knows they’ll need in order to get out of the jam. But from Voight’s perspective, if the young men are innocent, they should have nothing to worry about.”

A deeper perspective for Chicago PD season 4 episode 12

True enough, Voight’s argument is a logical one. For one, the team’s purpose there is only to bring the boys for questioning. Two, they aren’t serving them an arrest warrant.

However, another clip shared by YouTube user Viben on Films gives a deeper perspective why the priest is keen on keeping the boys away from the officers. The brief clip shows the priest speaking to a group of journalists.

The priest tells the media, “Let’s be brutally honest. The history of justice for young black men at the hands of Chicago police has not been glorious.”

Consequently, one journalist raises the same argument brought up by Voight about the boys’ innocence. The priest defends his actions by saying that police can still get a confession even out of an innocent individual.

At this point, an outraged woman confronts the priest, accusing him of protecting the murderers who killed her daughter. Things get ugly from there, prompting the police to protect the priest from the woman’s attacks.

It appears the upcoming episode not only packs some action, but also dives into a heated topic in the real world today. Chicago PD season 4 episode 12 airs this January 18 at 10 pm on NBC.

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Image Source: Facebook/NBCChicagoPD

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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 12 Shows Priest Protecting Murder Suspects

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