Chicago Justice is ‘Law & Order for a New Century’, Here’s Why

Chicago Justice
Chicago Justice

Chicago Justice is the latest series from NBC and part of the Chicago-set drama franchise from Dick Wolf. Its premiere episode wraps up the #OneChicago crossover. While it might seem like a reboot of Law & Order, showrunner Michael Chernuchin assures it is not.

Then again, the connection between the two legal drama series does exist. As it turns out, Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) is the son of Law & Order‘s Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty) from season 1 to 4. Hence, fans can possibly see some similarities in the overall theme of the show.

In essence, Chicago Justice is an update of Law & Order for millennials in the new century. Hence, its stories reportedly focus on today’s headlines, more specifically, on the issues happening not only in Chicago but throughout the country.

Showrunner Talks About Chicago Justice

“Structurally, [Chicago Justice] is Law & Order: Not. What I tell people is that if you took a deck of cards, the Law & Order deck of cards, and you shuffled them, you’ve got Chicago Justice. There’s no strict paradigm to the show where we were strictly cops and then lawyers,” Chernuchin told Yahoo TV.

“[In] this, we approach every case from a different angle. Sometimes the lawyers come in early, sometimes they come in late, sometimes it’s all investigators. We change speed a lot. But there’s a big connection to Law & Order [with] our Assistant State’s Attorney, Peter Stone. If you remember the original Law & Order, Michael Moriarty was his dad, Ben Stone, the [Executive Assistant] DA,” Chernuchin added.

Consequently, fans can expect to see a number of characters from Law & Order to join the Chicago Justice cast. Chernuchin teased Tovah Feldshuh who is now a judge in the Windy City previously played lawyer Danielle Melnick in the former series.

Chicago Justice Destined to Fail?

Yet its strong connection to Law & Order would appear to be a disadvantage to Chicago Justice, A.V. Club surmised based on its review of the upcoming episode Uncertainty Principle. The time slot premiere of the new legal drama TV show is on March 5 at 9 p.m.

While Ben Stone’s character is not physically present, it would seem the mere mention of his name is enough to bring the action to a standstill. Moreover, it would appear Peter’s character has some daddy issues to deal with.

Hence, Ben’s persona albeit absence could overshadow the Chicago Justice cast. If so, then would it have been a better idea to create a reboot of the original?

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Image source: Facebook/ChicagoJustice

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Chicago Justice is ‘Law & Order for a New Century’, Here’s Why

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