Chicago Fire Season 5 Spoilers: Severide Agrees on Bone Marrow Donation

Chicago Fire Season 5
Chicago Fire Season 5

The upcoming Chicago Fire Season 5 episode 10 will see Severide’s plan to donate his bone marrow for the purpose of charity. Meanwhile, the episode will also see Dawson and Casey try to bring some order to their home, in an attempt to find some peace in their lives. However, Louise’s father makes it difficult for them.

Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers Tease Dramatic Scenarios

By the end of the two-part Chicago Fire crossover, fans were relieved that Severide would no longer be facing charges for the accident. However, in episode 10 titled The People We Meet, he will finally agree to donate a part of his bone marrow to Anna. However, before he does so, something will come up and hamper the process.

Severide decided to do a good deed because he felt nothing positive was happening in his life. Although, he could be unaware of it, but Anna could soon play a very important role in his life.

According to executive producer Derek Haas, Anna would become Severide’s love interest. But, with Stella’s angle in the mix, the love triangle is set to be in the focus later in the season.

“We really liked the Severide-Kidd pairing that we had going toward the end of last season, into the beginning of this season, and then for plot reasons they separated,” Haas told Entertainment Weekly. “But we thought as we were developing the second half of the season, an interesting two characters to follow would be Kidd’s feelings toward Severide as Severide’s feelings grow toward this patient that he’s trying to save,”

Louise’s Father Spoils Dawson and Casey’s Plans

According to the official synopsis of Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 10, Dawson and Casey will plot some plans for their family. But, Louise’s father would make it difficult for them.

The Blasting News reported that they will try to create a peaceful environment at home. But, Louise’s father will somehow mess that out. However, nothing has been said about how he would do that. The plot is going to play an important part of the storyline in the upcoming episode.

Chicago Fire Season 5 episode 10 will air on January 10 at 9 p.m. central time on NBC.

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Chicago Fire Season 5 Spoilers: Severide Agrees on Bone Marrow Donation

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