Why Celebrity Big Brother Bosses Dumped Jonathan Cheban

Celebrity Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother

The big bosses of Celebrity Big Brother decided “dropped” Jonathan Cheban supposed appearance this week for a two-day special task. The decision, reportedly, resulted from the extravagant demands of the reality star.

Cheban, 42, has appeared several times on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and on Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

Jonathan Cheban will No Longer Appear on Celebrity Big Brother

According to reports, Cheban’s over the top demands prompted the big bosses of the reality show to scrap the plans of getting him on board. Kim Kardashian’s best friend not only asked for £100,000 ($123,750) pay per day but also Michelin Star meals and his own bedroom.

“As well as the £200,000, Jonathan wanted gourmet prepared Michelin star meals, his own bedroom, a masseuse and access to a minder at all times,” a source told Mirror. “It all got too out of hand and in the end the bosses simply retracted his provisional contract.”

Cheban’s demands, reportedly, got out of control after he learned that Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Ray J, landed a mega deal for appearing on the All Stars and New Stars series.

“As soon as Jonathan found out about Ray J’s pay packet he demanded a bigger fee,” a source told The Sun. The source added that his demands for two days were more than what other contestants were getting for four weeks.

Cheban, however, has a record of making diva demands. Previously, he asked for security guards for himself on Celebs Go Dating.

The Jonathan Cheban Bio: More Than A Reality Star

As per Jonathan Cheban bio, he is more than just a Kardashian sisters’ BFF. Apart from making appearances in a number of reality shows, he is also the son of a diamond dealer. He owns a number of media and food companies as well.

The Sun reported that Cheban wanted to enter Celebrity Big Brother to defend his friend Kim. But got axed as a result of his extravagant demands. Although Cheban’s demands sky-rocketed after he came to know about Ray J’s deal, the two have never met in person. However, Cheban and Ray J became a household name following a sex tape leak featuring Kim and Ray J.

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Image Source: Instagram/jonathancheban

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Why Celebrity Big Brother Bosses Dumped Jonathan Cheban

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