Castle Rock on Hulu: J.J. Abrams Series Could Bring a Lot of Stephen King Characters in One Show

Castle Rock on Hulu teaser
Castle Rock

Stephen King fans looking for another material from the prolific novelist are in for a surprise. It appears Castle Rock on Hulu is happening.

A report from Deadline details that J.J. Abrams and the Master of Horror are teaming up for another limited series on the streaming service. Abrams and King first collaborated on the adaptation of the author’s 2011 book 11.22.63.

The mini series ran for eight episodes and brought James Franco in the lead role of English teacher Jake Epping. As for Castle Rock on Hulu, there’s not much details available yet. However, a creepy teaser did emerge for the upcoming project.

Castle Rock on Hulu Teaser

The minute-long teaser for the upcoming Hulu series does not give away much. However, avid fans of King may figure out what Castle Rock will be about based on the elements of the clip.

The video offers a showcase of words accompanied by an ominous collection of voice overs. The words are mostly titles of King’s work including ‘Salem’s Lot and Needful Things. However, other elements like Shawshank State Prison and Anna Wilkes also make it to the mix.

Constant Readers will recognize Shawshank State Prison as the main setting for King’s novella, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. The fictional Maine state prison also gets a mention from other works of the author. Meanwhile, Annie Wilkes is the main character in King’s other book titled Misery.

Castle Rock ties a lot of Stephen King’s works. With the town name being the title for the project, it is easy to assume that the story will also bring together characters from the different novels who at some point have been associated with the town.

Potential Connection of Upcoming Series to Another Novella

The Hulu project is not the first time that the name Castle Rock came up. Recently, a report from Blastr noted the revelation of horror writer Richard Chiznar about a collaboration with Stephen King. Chiznar said on Facebook:

“Regarding the novella I recently finished writing with Stephen King… I can’t tell you the title yet. I can’t tell you the plot synopsis. And I can’t tell you publication details. But I can tell you that readers will soon be heading back to a small town in Maine called Castle Rock.”

With this, could there be a chance for the novella and the series to be somehow related? It’s too early to tell at this point. However, since the series trailer points to the coming together of King’s previous works, it’s more possible that the novella could be another piece entirely.

Stay tuned for more updates on Stephen King and Castle Rock on Hulu. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Image and Video Source: YouTube/Bad Robot Productions

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Castle Rock on Hulu: J.J. Abrams Series Could Bring a Lot of Stephen King Characters in One Show

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