Modern Family Season 8 Episode 10 Recap: Cam Treats His Family to a New Year’s Day Feast

Modern Family Season 8

Modern Family Season 8 episode 10 entitled Ringmaster Keifth, saw Cam throwing a grand New Year’s party to the entire family. It is an attempt on Cam’s part to make it up to his family for ruining the Thanksgiving dinner earlier.

However, Cam’s partner Mitchell realized that the feast is going to be another big failure. Thus, to keep Cam’s plans from failing again, Mitchell used a concierge gift card he received as a Christmas gift.

Modern Family Season 8 Episode 10 Shows Cam Making Up to His Family

Cam had everything planned for the New Year’s Day feast for his family. However, the attempt was not up to the mark this time as well. But, thanks to Mitchell for figuring it out early. He got a concierge to help Cam out with the arrangements of the feast.

However, Cam discovers that the concierge is none other than his ex-boyfriend Keifth, who left him several years ago without even saying a goodbye. The reunion with Keifth, who is a former ringmaster, is likely to set off mixed emotions in Cam, the International Business Times reported.

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Modern Family Season 8 Episode 10: Phil’s Dad Arrives with a New Girlfriend

In the meantime, in Modern Family Season 8 episode 10, Phil’s Dad Frank appeared at the family feast with his new girlfriend, who happened to be Phil’s childhood babysitter. This prompts a confused Phil to confront his father about the reason he is dating her, the Econotimes reported.

In episode 11 of Modern Family season 8, Phil and Gloria will be joining in with Manny and Luke on the campus tour. But, the two has very different take on how to get their respective children prepared for the next big chapter of their lives. Although the differences may cause initial problems between them, but they would eventually come closer over the common ordeal, letting go of their boys.

Meanwhile, Jay and his children attend a wedding reception. Claire and Mitchell bump into Dede, Jay’s ex-wife. Worried that they might create problems, Claire and Mitchell plan to keep their parents apart. However, despite the efforts, they will still end up bumping into each other, the International Business Times reported.

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Modern Family Season 8 Episode 10 Recap: Cam Treats His Family to a New Year’s Day Feast

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