Cade Orders Damon to Kill a Friend in The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries’ recent episode showed that Damon is finally back with his humanity. However, it turns out Cade is not ready to let go of his most precious servant.

According to TV Guide, Cade (Wole Parks) was able to give Damon (Ian Somerhalder) an ultimatum after he tried to quit. The villainous character said:

“Our arrangement is very clear. Do as I say and you would not go to hell. Disobey me, and I send you there to stay.”

With that, Cade sticks the dagger to the older Salvatore brother and gives him two choices. He can either kill 100 evil strangers or put an end to Caroline Forbes’ (Candice King) life instead. The source pointed out that although fans forgave Damon for a lot of mistakes over the years, killing Caroline will be the end of the rope.

The Vampire Diaries: What Will be Caroline’s Fate?

It can be remembered that Cade was extremely angry because Matt (Zack Roerig) rang the bell. As a result, Damon was tasked to give him 100 souls.

TV Fanatic recently shared photos for the upcoming episode. Based on the images, some moments are looking good but most of it are definitely not.

Cade and Damon certainly hate each other due to the circumstances. With this, fans are wondering if a battle will happen between them or Damon will just decide to continue serving him.

On the other hand, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) will also cross paths with each other. Now, viewers will soon find out if the latter decides to kill her.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Damon are set to team up in order to take Cade down. It remains to be seen if Damon will tell her about Cade’s ultimatum.

Nina Dobrev Returns

In GoshTV’s previous report, the return of Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert created a huge fuss among the show’s fan base. With Dobrev recently seen in a photo with Wesley, avid followers immediately speculated the potential relationship between Stefan and Elena. However, they cannot take Damon out of the picture easily.

Aside from this, speculations suggest that Elena’s comeback will make things more complicated. On a brighter note, her return could also result to the Salvatore brothers’ redemption. It seems like she is the only one who knows how to awaken the goodness inside them.

Would you forgive Damon if he chooses to kill Caroline? Share your thoughts in the comments. Watch The Vampire Diaries season 8 episode 11 titled You Made a Choice to be Good on February 3.

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Image Source: Facebook/TheVampireDiaries

Video Source: YouTube/TheCW

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Cade Orders Damon to Kill a Friend in The Vampire Diaries

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