Bull Season 1 Episode 11 Premiere: Fans Need To Wait A Little Bit Longer

Bull season 1 episode 11

Bull season 1 episode 11 premiere might be aired two weeks from now. According to reports, after Bull season 1 episode 10 aired, fans might have to wait a little longer for the next one.

This is because President Barrack  Obama is delivering his farewell speech next week. With this, scheduling of programs on television might be changed.

Bull season 1 episode 11 when?

This was not the first time Bull season 1 has gave way for changes in schedules. It can be recalled that has gone off during the Presidential Elections. Bull season 1 was also preempted for a time during the World Series.

Cartermatt said that the possible airing date of Bull season 1 episode 11 might be by January 17, Tuesday. This is the same release date as that of NCIS.

There have not been any clues about Bull season 1 episode 11. CBS has not released any synopsis for the show.

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Bull season 1 episode 10 recap

Meanwhile, the recently aired Bull season episode 10 entitled “EJ” has dealt with technology and self-driving cars. The same report noted that CBS has not tackled technology before which made the episode an interesting one.

“This is not a world that any CBS series tends to spend just an enormous amount of time in,” Cartermatt report said. “So it’s a fun opportunity to dive into something super-current.”

In the episode, character Ginny, a CEO of a tech company, is facing a dilemma after her self-driving car was involved in a death. It then questioned the safety of the car, which leads to the project being shut down before it is even launched.

For Bull’s part, he is having a hard time to have Ginny testify because she wanted to protect her work. Carter, Ginny’s partner in the project whom she had a rift, was speculated to be behind the fatal accident.

Bull season 1 airs on CBS every Tuesday.

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For fans who are eager to know more about Bull season 1, check out Michael Weatherly’s interview at the Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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Bull Season 1 Episode 11 Premiere: Fans Need To Wait A Little Bit Longer

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