Why Bruce Willis Appeared at the Split Ending Scene

Split ending
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The regular moviegoer who is not familiar of M. Night Shyamalan’s other works may have been confused with the Split ending scene. Why was Bruce Willis at the film’s final moments?

Prior to answering that, this article discusses some major aspects of the film. Hence, it is laced with spoilers. Readers still planning on watching the movie should bookmark this page and check it later instead.

As for those who already watched the film and did not get Bruce Willis’ connection, it has something to do with another work by Shyamalan. Titled Unbreakable, the earlier film starred Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

In the 2000 film, Willis starred as David Dunn–a man who possesses extraordinary strength. He discovers his hidden “powers” after emerging as the only survivor in a train crash.

Later on, he meets a man named Elijah Price (Jackson) who discusses with him his potentials. Elijah’s advice later on enables David to save children under captivity of a sadistic janitor.

However, towards the end of the film, David realizes that the series of disasters around the city was part of Elijah’s efforts to find him. In the end, Jackson’s character is committed to a mental institution.

How the Split ending and Unbreakable connects

At the ending of Split, Bruce Willis’ David Dunn sits at a diner where news of Dennis’ (James McAvoy) crime appears on TV. One customer comments that the crime reminds her of that guy in the wheelchair who was also notorious for crimes in Philly. David Dunn offers that the name of the criminal is Mr. Glass–what Elijah called himself after David’s discovery.

This may still confuse viewers as there’s still no connection between the two films. However, the real reason lies in Shyamalan’s process of creating Unbreakable.

Shyamalan revealed that Kevin’s villainous personalities was intended to be another villain on Unbreakable. The writer/director shares the following statement, via Creative Screenwriting:

“I had written the character a while ago, and I had written out a few scenes of it, so I even had dialogue written out, which is really unusual for me. It sat there for a long time… but this felt like the perfect time to do it, with the type of movies I’m doing now…”

Consequently, talks of a third film also emerged after revealing the connection between the two films. However, no confimation from Shyamalan’s part exists on that front.

Split’s performance

Split earned generally positive reviews from critics. As of this writing, the film holds a 74 percent rating in Rotten Tomatoes while it is at 62 percent in Metacritic.

Aside from its critical success, it also enjoys box office glory. Collider reports that the movie recently crossed $100 million making it a “bonafide hit.”

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Image Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

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Why Bruce Willis Appeared at the Split Ending Scene

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