Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Set to be on Hiatus Twice

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 return is not the same as other TV series. January is typically the month of TV series comebacks after Holiday break. But the FOX show will not serve as the same.

According to Bustle, after Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 returned last Jan. 1, 2017 after its short hiatus, this was actually the fall finale. After the said two-part episode, the show will reportedly be on hiatus again.

When will Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Return Again?

As of this moment, FOX has no confirmed date for the show’s release. Options are in winter or spring premiere. In line with this, a new sitcom entitled The Mick is set to take over the Tuesday timeslot (after the series New Girl) of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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It may take some time before the franchise’s return will happen. As per the above-mentioned outlet, FOX ordered six episodes of  The Mick. Despite the lack of details for the long wait, everything will all be worth it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 – The Fugitive

Meanwhile, the finale episode entitled The Fugitive says it all. The episode has a stellar cast and proves an action packed plot. The episode description revealed that a vast number of escaped prisoners were in the streets of Brooklyn. This led the entire squad to operate a manhunt.

The outlet above adds that their only witness is Marshawn Lynch, a former running back in NFL. On the other hand, Amy and Jake placed bets on who is going to capture more escapees. The person who will lose has to move into the winner’s apartment. When one convict is only on the move, Jake makes a surprising team up.

Moreover, episode 11 and 12 featured the return of Craig Robinson as Doug Judy. He is formerly known as The Pontiac Bandit. He was once an enemy but managed to be in ally with Jake. On a brighter note, let us see what await fans when Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4.

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Photo: Facebook | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Set to be on Hiatus Twice

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