Brett Dier on Michael’s Death in Jane The Virgin Season 3: ‘It Made Sense’

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin season 3 shocked fans to their core with the surprise twist of Michael’s death. Hopefully, actor Brett Dier’s words can offer them some comfort in light of what happened to his character.

Recent spoilers for Jane the Virgin season 3’s return after its two-month hiatus spoke nothing about Michael’s death. Indeed, the teasers only talked about the couple’s struggles as newlyweds.

Nonetheless, Michael Cordero appeared determine to find work elsewhere after failing his physical exam. Moreover, teasers hinted at their interest to expand their family in succeeding Jane the Virgin season 3 episodes.

Jane The Virgin Surprise Twist

Alas, none of it matters now after Michael suddenly collapsed and died. Entertainment Weekly described it as a cruel plot twist. Indeed, no one saw it coming except Brett Dier.

Apparently, Michael’s cause of death is a possible consequence for any gunshot victim whose injury is in the lung and heart area. However, the chances are slim, to be exact, one percent. Sadly, Michael was one of them. Yet the actor knew early on about his character’s fate. Interestingly, he knew it even before showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told him. Alas, he kept it a secret for nine months.

It was certainly bittersweet for the actor who loved playing the role. Then again, he revealed the death felt right to him. Moreover, he did not attempt to convince Urman to do otherwise.

“I honestly didn’t. Because it felt like it made sense to me when she said it. I get it, and I get that it’s the journey that has to happen for the characters. I understood it. It was just really hard to film the scene of him dying. That was a really weird day for me,” Dier said.

Dier’s Message for Team Michael

Brett Dier certainly felt the love from fans especially the full-pledged members of Team Michael, according to Bustle. The actor sent out his gratitude via Twitter to everyone who posted his or her messages.

Michael’s character is someone many fans revealed they want to find in their respective lives. Hence, Dier assured them Michael is not one of a kind. Moreover, he encouraged them to seek out those who are as loving and supportive as his character was.

It is uncertain if, and how, Michael will reappear in Jane the Virgin season 3. Nonetheless, Brett Dier reminds fans they can re-watch his character over and over on Netflix.

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Image source: Facebook/Jane the Virgin

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Brett Dier on Michael’s Death in Jane The Virgin Season 3: ‘It Made Sense’

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