Bones Season 12 Episode 9 Spoilers: Booth, Brennan and Aubrey Go Undercover

Bones Season 12 Episode 9 Spoilers

Bones season 12 episode 9 spoilers reveal Dr. Brennan is back on the field. Her return comes after the death of her father last week.

Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) will go in disguise along with Aubrey (John Boyd) to solve a murder in a demolition derby. Dr. Gordon Wyatt suggested that it will be therapeutic for the forensic anthropologist to go out after the death of her father.

In a sneak peek for the episode, the couple seems clad as Buck and Wanda once again. Buck is seen dressed in ’90’s style mullet while Wanda wears a big curly hair wig. The synopsis of Bones season 12 episode 9 reads:

“A young man passed away from a horrendous hay baler accident, Brennan, Booth and Aubrey had to go undercover and disguise themselves in a rowdy demolition derby competition to find out more about the case.”


Meanwhile, viewers will be thrilled to know that Stephen Fry is coming back to reprise his role as Dr. Wyatt. The doctor will help Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) with their case involving Zack (Eric Millegan).

Earlier this year, executive producer Michael Peterson teased that Fry will return to the series. He told TV Guide that Wyatt has a huge role to play so Zack will be cleared from all the charges against him.

Peterson added that Wyatt would be taking over Sweets’ (John Francis Daley) job in Zack’s trial. The FBI psychologist was killed in season 10.

“That’s a big part of where Stephen Fry is going to come back as Gordon Wyatt. Sweets, in a lot of ways, took over for [Gordon] when he first started at the FBI. [Gordon] went off and became a chef, but for Booth, the only person he would trust with Sweets’ notes is absolutely Gordon Wyatt [Fry]. That will be the introduction of his character to see what they can find out from Sweets’ notes and his visits with Dr. Addy, to hopefully getting Zack released,” he said at the time.

Bones Season 12 Episode 8 Recap

Bones fans shed tears when Max (Ryan O’Neal) died in episode 8. Brennan gave a eulogy to her father. She also honored Max with a Viking tie-in about Valhalla, Entertainment Weekly wrote.

Brennan’s ex-boyfriend Sully (Eddie McClintock) also shows up at the Jeffersonian. He wants to make sure that the anthropologist is okay following the death of her father.

Meanwhile, Booth and Aubrey investigate the murder of Sarah Abbott, an American citizen whose body washed up on a beach in Newfoundland. At the end, the team figures out that Adam Hitchcock, the son of a wealthy real estate developer, accidentally killed Sarah when he shot her instead of a caribou while hunting.

Bones season 12 episode 9 airs on March 7. Catch the new episode at 9 p.m. in Fox.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 9 Spoilers: Booth, Brennan and Aubrey Go Undercover

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