Bones Cast and Producers Talk about Possibilities of a Reunion

Bones cast
Bones cast

Whether or not Bones will return after its current Season 12 is a probability that fans have been pondering over for some time now.  However, Bones cast and producers have finally spoken about the possibility at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday in California.

The twelfth season of the FOX crime procedural premiered earlier this month and has only 10 episodes left till the series wraps up for the season.

Bones Cast and Producers Discuss the Possibility of a Reboot Series

The  Season 12 finale is scheduled for spring 2017, but the date has not been announced yet. Mid-May or June generally air most of the season finales. But in the case of Bones, if the season runs without interruption it should air its final episode by the end of March.

However, fans have been dwelling over the likelihood of a reboot series. Executive producer Michael Peterson did not rule out the idea. “The idea of having some kind of reunion in a year or two… I would not rule it out,” he told TV Line.

Creator Hart Hanson voiced a similar opinion at the TCA press tour. “I think those things are always possible, and very desirable,” he said.

Bones cast member David Boreanaz, however, said that he is not in favour of a reunion.

“It’s very hard for me to answer that question, honestly,” he said when asked about his opinion. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in six hours. Everything is possible in life, but I tend to like to go forward, I don’t like to go backwards…in general, I don’t like reunions and I don’t like to go back.”

Variety reported that although Emily Deschanel did not completely dismiss the idea, she also said that she is not up for a reunion anytime soon.

Hart Hanson Confirms The Cancellation of Show Was Not a Mutual Decision

The panelists also talked about the show coming to an end. According to them, ending the show was not a mutual decision.

Hanson said that the team was told that this was the last year of the series. He added, “It wasn’t that we called that network and said, ‘We’d like to finish now.’”

Bones cast member Deschanel also noted that the cancellation of the show was not in their hands and that she feels the show had a good run.

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Photo source: Instagram/ Bones on Fox

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Bones Cast and Producers Talk about Possibilities of a Reunion

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