Blunt Talk Cancelled for Season 3, Series Creator Jonathan Ames Expected Starz’ Decision

Blunt Talk
Blunt Talk

Blunt Talk franchise was not renewed for Season 3. After Season 2, the cable network Starz decided to cancel the scripted comedy show.

According to Cinema Blend, series creator Jonathan Ames stated in a recent AMA that he was expecting the cancellation news. Despite the stellar cast and other awesome factors from the show, it was not enough to catch the attention of everyone. Ames believes that though viewers loved it, they does not watch on a regular basis.

Blunt Talk and its Two Seasons

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Blunt Talk was ordered straight up for two seasons, with 20 episodes. The franchise wrapped up last Dec. 11, 2016.  The first season was aired in August 2015.

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According to a report, Starz gambled by ordering immediately the two seasons. They considered the franchise as a potential hit. Unfortunately, Patrick Stewart and the cast’s humor were not enough to draw audience and renew the series for another season.

Blunt Talk’s Viewership and Ratings

Blunt Talk Season 2 finale reportedly garnered 134,000 total audiences. In addition, it only had 0.4 ratings from 18-49 years old demographic. This is including the three days of delayed viewing.

For a premium cable like Starz, ratings do not really matter. This is because they also execute broadcast network. However, Cinema Blend indicated that Live +3 of 0.4 is not enough to make an impression for Season 3 renewal.

With this sad news, avid fans of the show will be no doubt disappointed. Many of them have been attached already to Stewart as Walter Blunt. On the other hand, Seth MacFarlane who worked alongside Ames is now working on FOX’s drama entitled Orville.

Moreover, the show features the story of Walter Blunt. He is a man who went to US aiming to conquer the country’s Cable News. But later on, he realized that it was not easy to achieve victory in the cable news industry. Furthermore, his drug addiction was not able to help as well.

Aside from Blunt Talk, Starz was also the network behind Survivor’s Remorse and Ash vs. Evil’s Dead. Ames’ comedy series was last aired on Dec. 11, Sunday.

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Blunt Talk Cancelled for Season 3, Series Creator Jonathan Ames Expected Starz’ Decision

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