Blue Bloods Season 7 Spoilers Reveal Eddie & Jamie Doubting Their Relationship

Blue Bloods season 7 spoilers
Twitter/Blue Bloods on CBS

Blue Bloods season 7 spoilers seem to suggest trouble ahead for Eddie and Jamie’s relationship.

Previous Blue Bloods Season 7 spoilers saw Eddie and Jamie working together on an adoption case. Interestingly, it became an opportunity for them to talk about their feelings.

Although it did not lead to a major development in their romance, it does bode well for the future. So, fans could possibly see more from them when the time comes.

Eddie and Jamie Having Doubts

Yet could any hope for their relationship be over already? The latest Blue Bloods season 7 spoilers would seem to suggest this. According to the synopsis for episode 12 of TV series due to premiere on January 13, the couple are starting to have doubts.

“When Danny accepts a side job as a bodyguard for a recently released ex-con who took the fall for someone else, he uses the opportunity to go after the real criminal. Also, Gormley’s wife, Sheila (Cady Huffman) asks Frank to give Gormley a bigger command position, and Jamie and Eddie witness a lovers’ quarrel between two cops that leads them to reflect on their own complicated relationship,” The Futon Critic posted.

Thus, Not Fade Away, could see the couple already reconsidering their romance so soon after their decision to push forward with it. The synopsis hints other Blue Bloods season 7 spoilers to watch out for.

Danny accepts a job offer

Meanwhile, Danny received a job offer. Apparently, a former convict wants to hire him as a bodyguard. If he accepts, Danny could earn $ 10,000 for a couple of days work.

He reportedly accepts the offer. However, it’s not the money he is after according to Blue Bloods season 7 spoilers. As it turns out, he intends to use the opportunity to investigate. Apparently, the former convict took the fall for someone else. Hence, he wants to find out who was really behind the crime.

Frank faces a dilemma as well. The wife of Lieutenant Sidney Gormley is demanding a higher position for her husband. It remains uncertain if he will give in to the request.

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Image source: Twitter/Blue Bloods on CBS

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Spoilers Reveal Eddie & Jamie Doubting Their Relationship

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