Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 10: Jamie and Eddie Seeks Erin’s Help in an Adoption Case

Blue Bloods Season 7 episode 10

Blue Bloods Season 7 episode 10 will see Jamie and Eddie getting involved in an adoption case. In the upcoming episode, Frank and Danny will come together to extend help to an ex-convict.

According to spoilers, Jamie and Eddie will involve Erin to help deal with the situation that arose out of the adoption case.

Jamie and Eddie Gets Caught Up in Adoption Case in Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 10

In the upcoming episode titled Genetics, Jamie and Eddie will seek Erin’s assistance in an adoptive case that they got entangled in. The case involves two parties, the adoptive and the biological parents of a child. Jamie and Eddie needs Erin’s help to stop the case from going to the court.

However, the Cartermatt reported that, in the end, the birth mother is likely to end up in jail for kidnapping her own son.

Ever since Eddie and Jamie opened up about their feelings to each other, the relationship between them has been getting more interesting. However, episode 10 will not feature any kind of development in their romantic relationship. It will focus more on their involvement in the complicated adoption matter.

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Frank and Danny to Help An Ex-Convict

In the upcoming Blue Bloods Season 7, Frank and Danny will join hands to help an ex-convict. It appears that the convict is someone whom Frank himself had arrested several years ago. However, fans can expect interesting twists related to this plot.

The EconoTimes reported that Frank will scrutinize the reports of the cadets who cheat on their psychological exams. Meanwhile, Danny comes to know that Jack has planned on enlisting himself in the Marines after his graduation.

Allie Solomon wrote Blue Bloods Season 7 episode 10, while Alex Chapple directed it. The series started airing in 2010. The CBS renewed the show for a seventh season in March 2016. Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess are the minds behind the popular American police procedural and legal drama series.

The episode 10 of the season of Blue Bloods is scheduled to air on January 6, on CBS.

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 10: Jamie and Eddie Seeks Erin’s Help in an Adoption Case

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