Blindspot Season 2 Spoilers Bring Good News to Jeller Shippers

Blindspot season 2 spoilers

Fans might have to contend with Blindspot season 2 spoilers for now as the series will not be back with a new episode until March 22.

Nonetheless, Jeller shippers might be happy to hear about what is ahead for Jane Doe (Jamie Alexander) and Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton). Blindspot season 2 spoilers tease fans to watch out for a passionate kiss between the two in a future episode.

Jamie Alexander Talks About Jane’s Love Life

Jamie Alexander recently talked about what is in store for her character Jane Doe in the romance department. As it turns out, Jane will have a go at romance. However, rest assured the series will not turn into a romantic drama because of it, TV Guide guaranteed.

“You will see Jane dabble a little bit more on romance. But it’s kinda like dating a bomb, you know what I mean, I feel bad for the guy. It’s a fun dynamic to play because she’s so serious at the FBI and this gives her a chance to be a real human, you know. I’m not sure where we’re going to go with Weller in this season. But, there’s a friendship, there’s a love there, and so that’s where we’re gonna start. And you know all good relationships take time to build, so we’re working on it.”

Blindspot Season 2 Spoilers for Episode 16

Blindspot season 2 episode 16 airs on March 22 Wednesday. While it might be a week away, spoilers are already available care of TV Line for fans curious about future dealings between Weller and Shepherd (Michelle Hurd). According to Stapleton, their interaction will be hard-hitting.

As it turns out, Shepherd has been watching Weller since he was young. Moreover, she paid for his tuition. Thus, Stapleton reveals the issue is quite personal for his character. Moreover, he describes it as a great story.

As a bonus, Archie Panjabi (Nas Kamal) also shared some Blindspot season 2 spoilers of her own. According to Panjabi, a former enemy of the team will eventually become part of it and will help them hunt down the mysterious organization Sandstorm.

Blindspot season 2 spoilers on episode 16 previously shared by Alexander hinted at flashbacks for all the characters. Thus, it would explain why the Sandstorm mole was always a step ahead of her character Jane and Weller.

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Image source: Facebook/Blindspot

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Blindspot Season 2 Spoilers Bring Good News to Jeller Shippers

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