Blindspot Season 2: Devil Never Even Lived Leads the Team to Roman

Blindspot Season 2
Blindspot Season 2

Jane’s tattoo will lead the Blindspot season 2 team to a dangerous biker gang that will eventually lead them back to her brother.

In the upcoming episode 12, titled Devil Never Even Lived, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) will decipher a strange tattoo on Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) body. In the previous episode, Patterson found out that Roman’s (Luke Mitchell) obsession with playing with sugar cubes means he is actually him playing a game of Mancala.

The FBI Forensic Science Unit head also discovered that the leopard tattoo on Jane’s body contains a Mancala pattern, Entertainment Weekly noted. The decoded pattern leads to a Social Security number of someone named Kat Jarrett. Apparently, Kat is a member of a biker gang named the Viper Kings. Patterson also found a picture of the girl making a handoff with someone.

Since the ink has a connection to Roman, the FBI team will start to consider whether or not they will send him as an undercover to infiltrate the gang.  Is Roman ready for a new mission? Can they trust him?  It can be recalled that Jane erased his memory recently, and there are uncertainties on where his state of mind is at the moment.

In order to stop an attack, Roman is going to have to revisit a part of his past including his history with Kat. Will Roman remember her?

Blindspot Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

In the previous episode, the team worked with the CIA to stop a deadly bombing in New York. They used Jane’s tattoo to locate and disarm a bomb in a school.

Agent Zapata (Audrey Esparza) and Agent Reade (Rob Brown) found the bombs, while Patterson blocked the cell signals to stop the terrorists from detonating the bomb. Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane took down the terrorist holding Keaton’s daughter hostage.

Meanwhile, the episode ended hinting a blooming romance between Reade and Zapata. In the past episode, Reade made romantic advances towards Zapata, TV Guide noted. He previously found Zapata in his bedside while he is recuperating from his injuries.

The next episode of the NBC hit show Blindspot season 2 airs on Wednesday (Jan.18) at 7 P.M. in FOX.

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Blindspot Season 2: Devil Never Even Lived Leads the Team to Roman

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