Blake Shelton Includes The Voice Winner Sundance Head on His Tour

The Voice Coach Blake Shelton
The Voice Coach Blake Shelton

Country crooner Blake Shelton emerged to be a successful coach after having five victories on NBC’s singing competition The Voice. He has now decided to commit to his coaching duties by including his former team members Sundance Head and RaeLynn on his forthcoming Doing it to Country Songs tour.

The tour launches in Bakersfield, California on February 16. The tour will continue through March 18.

The Voice Season 11 Winner Sundance Head to Join Blake Shelton on His Tour

Head will be a part of the 13-date run of the tour. Season 2 contestant and Shelton’s Warner Bros. labelmate RaeLynn will also join him.

“There’s a tremendous number of talented people that come on The Voice and the talent and connection with viewers is real and tangible,” Shelton told ET Online. He noted that Head recorded impressive sales on iTunes and America voted him the winner.

He added, “And RaeLynn made a connection on The Voice and is having success with her single, ‘Love Triangle.'” According to Shelton, their talent, and the connection made him add them on the tour.

Head managed to impress with his powerful vocals and original tunes. His deep southern rock vocals also drew him in direct comparison with Chris Stapleton. He said that the opportunity he received on the singing talent show allowed him to discover his talents, the RollingStone reported.

Head added that he is thankful to the show for helping him showcase his talents to the world. He also said that he can now consider himself prepared for the journey ahead. Shelton also said that he believes in Head’s ability of becoming a star.

Blake Shelton Believes Sundance Head deserves to be a Star

Last month, during a press conference, Shelton criticized the Universal Music. It is the record company that signs the winners from The Voice. He blasted at the company for failing to produce a star from the show.

“I want to personally issue a challenge to Universal Records,” he said. “This is the guy that I think can break the mold and become a star out of this show. I hope, and I give my word that I’ll put my work in — and I know he will — this guy deserves to be a star.”

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Image Source: Flickr/ Joe Bielawa

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Blake Shelton Includes The Voice Winner Sundance Head on His Tour

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