Blackish Season 3 Star Deon Cole Clarifies Show’s Stand on Trump

Blackish Season 3
Blackish Season 3

Blackish season 3 is all about an African-American family but one of its cast members clarifies it is not an anti-Donald Trump show. This stems from the latest episode mentioning the POTUS.

Deon Cole (Charlie Telphy) shares his thoughts when asked about the recent episode of the ABC comedy series. In an interview with TMZ, Cole said the episode is more than about the newly elected US president.

“We are not anti-Trump. We just stated what it is in America for some black people … It’s not anti-Trump. It is bigger than that … It is us as a people and what we stand for and what we don’t stand for,” said Cole.

Blackish Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

The Johnson family dealt with Trump’s victory in the recent presidential election. Tension built up at Dre’s (Anthony Anderson) workplace after Stevens & Lido new co-owner Daphne Lido (Wanda Sykes) found out someone in her office did not vote for Hillary Clinton. Daphne got mad after Lucy (Catherine Reitman) admitted that she voted for Trump.

Moreover, Dre got frustrated because his advertising office failed to finish a pitch in time. His co-workers keep on delaying work to deal with their election-related stress, Vox wrote.

As for his family, the Johnsons’ kids have the day off from school because some of their white classmates told a Hispanic teacher she would have to leave the country after Trump’s victory. In response, the school is holding a “healing rally.”

Junior (Marcus Scribner) was asked to recite Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech at the healing rally. Pops (Laurence Fishburne) explained to his grandson that there is more to the speech than Junior thought.

Meanwhile, Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) got worried of her daughter Zoe (Yara Shahidi). The teen seems unconcerned with the results of the election.

At the end, Dre delivered a plea for everybody to start listening to each other. He also suggested that it’s time for the entire nation to come together.

This is not the first time Blackish became a little bit political in its story. In season 3 episode 3, the characters talked about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’s loss in the Democratic primaries. Dre also feared that Americans will forget Obama’s achievements once he leaves office.

Don’t miss the Blackish season 3 every Wednesdays at 9:30 pm in ABC. The series is also available in Hulu.

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Image Source:  Facebook/BlackishABC

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Blackish Season 3 Star Deon Cole Clarifies Show’s Stand on Trump

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