Blackish Season 3 Promo Gets Political and Targets Trump Voters

Blackish season 3
Instagram/Anthony Anderson

With the new POTUS inauguration closing in, the latest Blackish season 3 promo tackles Donald Trump. The promo features characters of the show discussing the election and the president elect himself.

People shares the exclusive clip on their website. The sneak peek starts off with Daphne (Wanda Sykes) asking the group why majority of women voted for Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

She asks, “That pant-suited white woman could have been the first female president. So, can someone explain how 53 percent of women voted for the orange — grabber?”

Leslie Stevens (Peter Mackenzie) offers his opinion, noting that “the American white woman is as fickle as a pinot noir”. Daphne then turns her attention to the office’s “resident white woman”, Lucy (Catherine Reitman).

At first she was hesitant to say anything. Nevertheless, Lucy shocks her co-workers by admitting later on that she voted for Trump. Despite Dre’s (Anthony Anderson) encouragement for the group to get back to work, Daphne insists that voting for Trump is tantamount to agreeing to racism.

The clip ends with Lucy defending herself against accusations of being racist. The group groans when she uses having “black friends” as her argument.

Blackish season 3 and other TV shows affected by the elections

Aside from Blackish, a number of TV shows also tried to tackle the election cycle and its elements in their respective storytelling. One of the notable ones is Saturday Night Live which heavily featured a series of sketch on the presidential debates.

Alec Baldwin took on the role of Donald Trump while Kate McKinnon played as Hillary Clinton. In addition to the sketch tackling the debates, SNL also featured a skit when results were in. It showed a group at a viewing party who was later devastated to learn that Trump won.

More recently, ABC announced that the highly-anticipated return of the TGIT women will be delayed a week. This is to give way for a feature on Trump.

Watch how the whole story plays out when Blackish season 3 airs its latest episode. The episode, titled Lemons, airs Jan. 11 at 9:30 pm on ABC.

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Image Source: Instagram/Anthony Anderson

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Blackish Season 3 Promo Gets Political and Targets Trump Voters

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