Black Lightning Joins CW Superhero Lineup

Black Lightning
DC Wikia/Jefferson Pierce (New Earth)

The CW boosted its superhero lineup with the addition of Black Lightning. The network placed an official pilot order for the latest Greg Berlanti production.

The CW recently renewed its existing lineup of superhero shows. Hence, fans can look forward to more of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The network likely feels there is room for another one. Hence, its decision to take on the latest Black Lightning Greg Berlanti show. His other series, Supergirl is performing well on the network. Indeed, it comes after The Flash in standing.

Who is Black Lightning?

Variety reports Black Lightning is a comic book character created by Tony Isabella together with Trevor Von Eeden. Apparently, he is a DC legend albeit a wanted vigilante.

As it turns out, he had turned away from his superhero identity to live a normal life as Jefferson Pierce. However, various circumstances led him to take up the fight again. First, his daughter’s desire for justice. Second, the threat posed by a local gang on a star student.

Interestingly, the Black Lightning hero often has encounters with other characters within the DC universe. Hence, the wealth of material bodes well for a possible crossover among the other superhero shows on The CW’s lineup. Interestingly, the character has supposedly encountered Jimmy Olsen.

To date, rumors hint filming for the Black Lightning pilot starts in March. Presumably, this would coincide with the Fall TV lineup. Moreover, should it receive a greenlight for a series in 2017-2018, sources reveal The CW’s superhero programming schedule will become staggered.

The Potential of Black Lightning to Superhero Shows

Aside from the epic crossover, the arrival of Black Lightning CW augurs well for superhero shows. Indeed, Chris Cabin of Collider sees greater potential in it. To date, black characters often play supporting roles on DC shows. For example, Candice Patton in The Flash or Mehcad Brooks in Supergirl.

Additionally, the existing crop of shows featuring a generally black cast is at times limited to certain genres such as soaps, dramas, and sitcoms. Hence, Black Lightning would be a welcome change. It could possibly do better than Luke Cage or Queen Sugar owing to its residence on The CW.

Black Lightning will likely fit into the same general formula as its ilk on The CW, which means a lot of focus on the writing and nothing but efficiency in the direction,” Cabin writes.

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Image source: DC Wikia/Jefferson Pierce (New Earth)

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Black Lightning Joins CW Superhero Lineup

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