Black Lightning Casting Reveals Plot Details and Raises Issue for Arrowverse Crossover

Black Lightning Casting
Black Lightning

The Black Lightning casting news fuels anticipation for the impending arrival of Greg Berlanti’s latest production. More than that, it offers a sneak peek at what audiences can expect.

Black Lightning is the latest superhero series to join The CW. Early on, speculation rose as to the chances of an epic crossover with the network’s existing lineup of DC show.

Alas, it would appear the Black Lightning casting details shared by That Hashtag Show on YouTube hints at a major obstacle for this to happen. Learn the details below.

Deterrent to Anticipated Crossover

Crossovers among The CW superhero shows are a fan favorite. Indeed, seeing the characters from Arrow and The Flash come together is a major event. Hence, a must see.

Thus, the green light of the Black Lightning pilot had many scouring their comic book archives to see how it could happen. One of the ideas could possibly involve Supergirl since Black Lightning has supposedly encountered Jimmy Olsen.

Yet a crossover with any of the superhero shows might be impossible. Apparently, the location shoot for Black Lighting is in Atlanta. In contrast, the other shows are shot in Vancouver–hence, a major issue of logistics.

Then again, Screen Rant surmised it could be a good thing for the new series. Indeed, it will give it a chance to be on its own and possibly stand out from the rest.

Black Lightning Casting Call Details

Details of the Black Lightning casting call reveal fans should expect a more mature superhero this time around. The description for Jefferson Pierce, the alter ego of the titular character, is reminiscent of an actor like Idris Elba.

Male, African-American, late 30s to 50. Handsome, fit with an athletic build. Former 3-time gold medal decathlon winner who is now principal of a high school in South Central Los Angeles. A father figure to his students and hero to the local community.

JEFFERSON is charming, charismatic, smart, and has both warmth and humor. He is devoted to his two daughters and remains deeply in love with his ex-wife LYNN. He also has a great passion for justice and a quick temper that he has spent years learning how to control. Think Idris Elba. LEAD.

The daughters of Black Lightning are no longer toddlers. Anissa, the eldest, is a medical student and part-time teacher at Jefferson’s school. Jennifer, the youngest, is a scholar-athlete. Both daughters seem to take after Jefferson’s ex-wife Lynn Stewart who is described as beautiful and intelligent. The three women are series regulars.

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Image source: World of Black Heroes/Black Lightning (Character)

Video Source: YouTube/That Hashtag Show

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Black Lightning Casting Reveals Plot Details and Raises Issue for Arrowverse Crossover

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