Black Lightning Cast Introduces Jefferson’s Daughters

Black Lightning cast
Black Lightning

The Black Lightning cast previously revealed its choice to play Jefferson Pierce in Greg Berlanti’s latest production for The CW. This time around, meet the young actresses to portray his daughters who are also superheroes.

Earlier reports on the Black Lightning casting call helped fuel anticipation for the upcoming series. Yet at the same time, it cast doubts on the chances of its future crossover with The CW’s existing superhero lineup.

Nonetheless, the news gave fans an interesting look at what to expect from Black Lightning. Apparently, it will feature a more mature superhero. However, millennials can still relate to the story with the presence of Thunder and Lightning.

Meet Jefferson’s Daughters

Black Lightning will focus on Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams, Hart of Dixie alum). As it turns out, he retired his superhero identity and is now back in school working as a principal in South Central Los Angeles.

However, it would seem his retirement will be cut short because of his youngest daughter. Jennifer’s thirst for justice and the threat of a local gang trying to recruit a star student will force Jefferson to put on his suit again.

Deadline describes the teen as independent, outspoken, and has quite a wild streak. Apparently, she takes after her father who is also an athlete.

Black Lightning cast China Anne McClain (House of Payne, A.N.T. Farm) in the role. In DC Comics lore, her character eventually takes on the superhero persona Lightning.

Meanwhile, Jefferson’s elder daughter Anissa works as a part-time teacher at his school. At the same time, she balances the demands of medical school. Her character is passionate and intelligent.

Black Lightning cast Nafessa Williams (Code Black, Twin Peaks reboot) in the role. Like her sister, she will also follow in their father’s superhero footsteps as Thunder.

Black Lightning Cast Focuses on Family

The Black Lightning cast hints at the great potential of the upcoming superhero series to focus on the family. Hence, one of its likely difference, and possibly advantage, over the DC TV shows on The CW. Interestingly, its core will feature a family of superheroes with Jefferson, Anissa, and Jennifer.

Yet would Jefferson’s daughters suffer the same fate as the younger cast members in other DC TV shows? As it is, some only serve to create conflict in the story for the lead characters.

Screen Rant is hopeful this would not be the case for the young cast of Black Lightning. Moreover, they have the opportunity to shine in their own right.

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Image source: World of Black Heroes

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Black Lightning Cast Introduces Jefferson’s Daughters

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