Big Secrets and Crucial Jimmy Palmer Role Await NCIS Season 14 Episode 13

NCIS Season 14 Episode 13
NCIS Season 14 Episode 13

NCIS is finally giving Jimmy Palmer time to shine. In the upcoming NCIS season 14 episode 13, Palmer’s (Brian Dietzen) skills in dealing with dead people will be tested.

In the episode titled Keep Going, Palmer will climb a building ledge in an attempt to stop the son of a murder victim (played by Spencer Treat Clark) from committing suicide. Dietzen has teased that in this episode, fans will see a different side of his character. The actor added that the episode could also reveal some great stuff about Palmer amidst trials.

In an interview with Variety, the actor talked about the Jimmy Palmer episode. Dietzen said NCIS writers have been thinking about the idea of making an episode for Palmer for quite some time now. “Scott Williams, one of our executive producers, said it just kind of hit him when he was in the shower one day to get Jimmy into a kind of life-or-death situation that he’s frankly not trained for.”

Dietzen has shared that they shot the ledge scene for five days. The actor expressed how proud he is of the installment and called it one of the most fun episodes of the hit CBS show.

Gibbs Reaction on Jimmy’s Heroic Act in NCIS season 14 episode 13

Dietzen said that when Dr. Mallard’s assistant saw the jumper on the ledge, he thinks of saving the man’s life without hesitation. Palmer grabs him by the belt while clutching in a drainpipe.

Agents Gibbs and Torres, meanwhile, are looking from the window and would ask Palmer, “What the hell are you doing?” Some other members of the NCIS team will come to help the two men on the ledge.

Dietzen stressed that the episode is a great story about life affirmation and to look on what is positive, true and right in life. He added Palmer’s optimism will also showcase in this episode. Palmer’s episode Keep Going was the first one completed after the sudden passing of showrunner Gary Glasberg in late September.

Catch NCIS season 14 episode 13 on Tuesday, January 24 at 8 p.m. in CBS. Bookmark GoshTV for other trending news related to TV.

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Image Source: Facebook/NCIS

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Big Secrets and Crucial Jimmy Palmer Role Await NCIS Season 14 Episode 13

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