The Best Things are About to Happen in The Flash Season 3

The Flash Season 3
The Flash Season 3

The Flash Season 3 is on the way to making itself the best season ever. But overall, the franchise has proved to be The CW’s one of the best franchises by breaking record ratings over the years.

After two installments, The CW’s considered ‘the biggest hit ever’ television series decided to follow the comic arc called Flashpoint in Season 3. However, with the need of a unique retelling, their version of Flashpoint does not seem to appear as their brightest hour.

The Flash Season 3 had a Rough Start

Many things were expected from the current season. But despite not hitting those expectations, Season 3 did manage to execute some awesome episodes and gave us twists we did not expect.

The said comic arc was Season 3’s basis, Movie Pilot reported. But even if it was not as exact as the one in the material source, the third season managed to give us endless possibilities for the series’ plot. This, of course, might be the valuable reason why The Flash Season 3 could be the best installment among three seasons.

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Fan-Favorites in Season 3

One can admit that Grant Gustin and Candice Patton pulled off Barry Allen and Iris West’s relationship so good you wish they would not stop. Since Season 1, avid followers of the show found themselves rooting for the pair over the course.

Now, it has been an awesome ride that finally, they gave fans progress by moving in together during the mid-season finale! Both convincingly portrayed their relationship and proved that in any timeline, they will be together… they SHOULD be together. As they face Savitar’s wrath, fans will soon find out if the said villain is going to be the one that can tear their West-Allen destiny apart.

Moreover, other highly anticipated possible storylines is the musical crossover between Supergirl and The Flash. In addition to this is the suggested comeback of Gorilla Grodd. Furthermore, The Flash Season 3 episode 10 returns on Jan. 24, Tuesday.

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The Best Things are About to Happen in The Flash Season 3

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