Behind Enemy Lines Reboot a ‘Military Soap Thriller’

Behind Enemy Lines reboot
Behind Enemy Lines

Fox green lights the Behind Enemy Lines reboot with an official pilot order. Learn more about this development below.

The Behind Enemy Lines reboot focuses on patriotism. In particular, the story revolves around America’s heroes in the military service, Deadline reports. Thus, it is a clear shift from the ongoing post-election fuss.

The patriotic TV series is a loose adaptation of the 2001 feature film of the same title. The title is the second pilot ordered on the TV pilots 2017 scorecard after the What About Barb? comedy sitcom at NBC.

Behind Enemy Lines Reboot Loosely Based on Movie

Based on a real story, the movie featured an American naval officer (played by Owen Wilson) trapped behind enemy lines. His commanding officer (played by Gene Hackman) puts together a rescue mission to get him out safely.

The film grossed US$ 92 million worldwide considering its modest production budget. Thus, it led to the creation of three direct-to-video sequels.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the Fox TV version as a military soap thriller. This time around, the Behind Enemy Lines reboot takes on the stories of a group of U.S. soldiers. Thus, it presents varied storylines.

“The pilot is described as ‘distinctly patriotic’ and offers multi-perspective narrative that closely follows the soldiers on the ground, the officers and service men and women on a nearby aircraft carrier, along with intelligence officers in Washington, D.C., as they attempt to bring the heroes home safely and under the radar,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

McG serves as the director while Nikki Toscano comes on board to pen the script. Toscano is also part of 24: Legacy on Foxserving as co-executive producer. Previously, Toscano worked on the pilot order of the 2014 CBS drama Red Zone.

Behind Enemy Lines Reboot Joins Military Drama TV Wars

The Behind Enemy Lines reboot is the third military drama TV series in the works to date. The surge of interest in this particular genre could stem from the need to draw in Trump America audiences. Moreover, the networks might have taken their cue from the solid outing of History’s Navy SEAL drama, Six.

CBS has an untitled Navy SEALs entry. The story follows the elite group as they train, plot, and carry out daring missions in the call of duty and for love of country. Meanwhile, For God and Country at NBC looks at the challenges faced by the military’s bravest heroes as they selflessly execute their tasks.

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Image source: Facebook/BehindEnemyLinesOfficialMovie

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Behind Enemy Lines Reboot a ‘Military Soap Thriller’

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