Beauty and the Beast 2017: Did Emma Watson Turn Down Cinderella for Belle

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast 2017 is few months away and fans cannot wait to see what Emma Watson has prepared for everyone. For now, it seems like the Harry Potter star previously received an offer from another Disney Princess. What did the actress say about it?

According to MTV, the 26-year-old feminist was in talks to play Cinderella in 2013. Disney laid the said offer through a live action adaptation.

However, when the production reportedly decided to choose Kenneth Branaugh’s whimsical over Mark Romanek’s darker version, Watson declined. This raises the question on what made her say yes to playing another princess.

Beauty and the Beast 2017: What Made Emma Watson Say Yes?

In a recent interview, the actress explained that she had no idea Disney will be making Beauty and Beast’s live action adaptation. This is before saying no to Cinderella. Meanwhile, Watson sees Belle as a role model, explaining that her character made more impact to her.

“She remains curious, compassionate, and open-minded. And that is the kind of woman I would want to embody as a role model, given the choice,” she explained.

In addition, the Colonia star said that Belle has this outsider quality as she defies what was expected of her. Watson sees it as an empowerment and inspiration, challenging what already exists. Aside from this, Belle and the actress also share the same love for books.

What to Expect in the Film

Moreover, Watson works with Bill Condon for this new version of Belle. Her character is described as an inventor who created a kind of washing machine.

The reason behind this is for Belle to easily work with the laundry. Therefore, she can dedicate more of her time in reading.

Also, Watson revealed that the core of Belle is a feminist, Huffington Post reported. She shared that the writer of Beauty and the Beast is Linda Woolverton, the first female who wrote for Disney.

The compassionate, curious and open-minded character Woolverton created is actually based on Katherine Hepburn. Watson expressed that she wanted to portray a woman with a personality that does not easily give up because of other people’s perspective. Beauty and the Beast 2017 will hit the big screens on March 17.

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Image Source: Facebook/Beauty and the Beast

Video Source: YouTube/Disney

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Beauty and the Beast 2017: Did Emma Watson Turn Down Cinderella for Belle

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