BBC One’s Taboo Features Violent Tom Hardy; Miniseries Hints Actor’s New Character


BBC One has dropped a new clip of its upcoming series Taboo that features Tom Hardy in a violent and vengeful role. The series follows Hardy’s character James Keziah Delaney who is out to avenge the mysterious death of his father.

FX hasn’t revealed too much information on the upcoming series, from the recent trailers it appears that Delaney returns to London as a changed person after staying in Africa for years.

Recent Taboo Clip Allows The Longest Look at Tom Hardy

The recent clip, which shows Delaney speaking to a woman who runs a brothel, indicates the extent to which Delaney has changed. In fact, it is the longest glimpse of Hardy in the role the viewers got so far.

The Polygon reported that in the video clip, Delaney talks to the woman about tracing a group of men. Although he seems calm, the monster that he has turned into is quite apparent from his demeanor. However, this look of Hardy would not be too surprising for those who have watched films like Mad Max or Locke.

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Taboo has been co-created by Hardy and will air on FX in the US. The BBC will premiere the Victorian era drama series on January 7.

With Ridley Scott being one of the executive producers, Taboo is created by Steven Knight and Chips Hardy along with Tom Hardy. The other executive producers of the show include Kate Crowe, Hardy, Dean Baker, and Knight.

Kristoffer Nyholm and Anders Engström have taken the director’s seat. The series is the third joint venture by Hardy and Knight after Locke and Peaky Blinders, the reported.

The Historical Series Taboo Follows James Keziah Delaney

The plot is set in 1814 and follows Delaney, who was assumed long dead. However, returns to London as a changed man. He has spent years in Africa and is now back home. He intends to inherit whatever his departed father has left him of his shipping empire.

Delaney plans on building a new life for himself with the inheritance. But, all is not as easy and Delaney has to watch out for the enemies lurking in every corner. He must also avoid a death sentence on him while a complex and dark family mystery unfolds before him.

Taboo will air the first of its eight episodes on January 10, on FX in the US.

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Photo: Instagram/ Taboo on FX

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BBC One’s Taboo Features Violent Tom Hardy; Miniseries Hints Actor’s New Character

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