The Bachelor Season 21 Premiere Recap: Nick Viall Meets the Contestants

The Bachelor Season 21

As The Bachelor Season 21 premiered on Monday, Nick Viall embarked on his very own journey to choose his lady love from among 30 beautiful women contesting to win his heart. Viall has come a long way that included two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Viall has endured heartbreaks a number of times, even losing two ladies to the same guy. Then he allegedly decided to dump the lady he was dating so he can meet dozens of other girls.

The Bachelor Season 21: Nick Viall Meets His Ladies in Red

The long and controversial journey of The Bachelor Nick Viall led host, Chris Harrison, to describe Viall as “the most controversial Bachelor in history.”

The premiere was complete with ladies dressed in red dresses, interesting first impressions and also a glimpse of Viall in the shower. Interestingly, the show already has a villain, The Wrap reported.

The 30 women who will be participating the in The Bachelor Season 21, come from diverse backgrounds and belong to different professions. There has so far not been an African-American or Asian Bachelor or Bachelorette. Although non-white contestants take part in the show, they rarely make it too far.

The Refinery 29 reported that former Bachelors came together to share their knowledge at the traditional Yalta conference. Chris Soules, Ben Higgins, and Sean Lowe were present at the discussion.

“The fun part about Nick is that a lot of people see him as this giant toolbag, right?” Lowe said. “But this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, he became, like, this really likeable guy, that’s maybe a little bit more mellow, maybe a little bit more humble.”

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The Bachelor Season 21: Nick Viall’s Women

The Bachelor Nick Viall finally got the opportunity to choose the love of his life. With The Bachelor Season 21, he will be able to prove that you never failed in love, unless you give up.

The list of 30 women includes Rachel, who is a Dallas lawyer. Danielle L. owns a nail salon and Taylor is a mental health counselor. Vanessa, on the other hand, is a trilingual special needs teacher, while Josephine is a student in nursing.

Then there is Alexis, who is kind of obsessed with dolphins. Corinne, whose family runs a “multimillion dollar company” of unspecified type, appears to have already turned into the villain. The others include Danielle M., Lauren, and Elizabeth among others.

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The Bachelor Season 21 Premiere Recap: Nick Viall Meets the Contestants

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