The Bachelor Season 21 Corinne Could Be Engaged Already, According to This Photo

The Bachelor season 21
The Bachelor

A photo featuring the elected villain of The Bachelor season 21 seems to suggest Corinne is possibly engaged already. Is she Nick Viall’s chosen one?

Corinne Olympios stands out among The Bachelor season 21 ladies. She is aggressive in her pursuit of the bachelor. Thus, her fellow contestants do not often approve of her actions.

Nonetheless, the 24-year old Miami native does not seem to mind her honorary title of villain. Yet has Corinne already won the prize she wants?

The Bachelor Season 21 Nick Viall and Corinne Engaged?

A recent Instagram post caught the attention of reality TV fans. Indeed, it raised interest at the relationship between The Bachelor season 21 Nick and one of his girl gang.

The girl in question is none other than Corinne, this season’s villain. Surprisingly, she appears to be wearing what looks like an engagement ring. Then again, just because she has one does not automatically mean an engagement.

As Refinery29 reports, Corinne seems to know the insta-fame game quite well. Hence, with or without Nick Viall, no doubt fans would certainly remember her long after The Bachelor season 21 finale.

More Corinne Antics on The Bachelor Season 21

It appears fans can expect to see more of Corinne’s antics on The Bachelor season 21 episodes. Indeed, the reality TV series added a twist to their escapades. According to Yahoo TV, The Bachelor is on its way to Wisconsin aka Nick’s home state.

This came about after a category 5 hurricane deterred their planned trip to Kiawah Island located in South Carolina. Hence, Nick and his girl gang are going to be roughing in on the farm. Part of their chores includes bottle feeding young bovines and shoveling cow manure.

A fact Corinne hates. She is not ashamed to show her disdain for her surroundings. Corinne is in contrast to the other ladies who are more willing to play along with the country setting.

“She’s used to being babied. She’s like, ‘Oh I don’t want to do this so I’m going to cry about it,’” Jasmine said about Corinne. Would she be more comfortable if her nanny came along to Wisconsin?

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Image source: Twitter/BachelorABC

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The Bachelor Season 21 Corinne Could Be Engaged Already, According to This Photo

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