The Bachelor Nick Viall Says He Found Love In More Than One Woman

Bachelor Nick Viall
The Bachelor Season 21

The Bachelor Nick Viall said he fell in love with more than one contestant on the show, ahead of its season premiere. However, there will be heartbreaks during Monday’s premiere as well.

The reality star is now out to finally find love for himself, after a number of failed attempts. His journey on the reality show saw him turn from the man everyone loved to hate to the good one. The Bachelor Season 21 will see 30 women competing for Viall’s love.

Nick Viall on Finding Love In More Than One Woman

As viewers patiently wait for Viall’s quest for his true love, the software sales executive turned reality star confesses that love came his way multiple times with several contestants.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, The Bachelor Nick Viall opened up about his experience with the women.

“As the Bachelor, all eyes are on you,” he told People magazine. “It’s certainly nerve-racking. The process was as hard as I thought it would be — a lot of highs and lows.”

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Viall had previously appeared on two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor In Paradise. According to Viall, transparency is important in any kind of relationship. He added that he ended up developing strong feelings for multiple contestants on the show.

“It’s truly amazing,” he said. “I felt a lot of different feelings.”

He added, “Early on with so many women, you obviously don not know a lot of things about them but talking to all of them and wanting to make it meaningful to all of them is very physically taxing.”

Viall said that with time it becomes heavy emotionally.

“And then as time goes on, it becomes more emotionally taxing and less physically taxing,” he said. “And you get to know these women, there’s a level of respect. You’re asking them to do things they’ve never been able to do and to face stressful situations and their fears.”

Nick Viall Breaks Jasmine’s Heart?

A sneak peek into The Bachelor premiere revealed that Viall could be the reason why a contestant broke down on the show.

The preview clip for the ABC dating show showed basketball dancer Jasmine trying to steal Viall away from a one-on-one conversation with another woman. However, Viall had to turn her down. According to him, the other woman asked first and he wanted to be fair.

“She actually asked first,” he tells Jasmine, 29, in the clip. “This is one of those moments.”

Jasmine insisted it will not take more than two seconds. However, The Bachelor Nick Viall replied, “She did ask first — I just want to be respectful.”

Viall’s response appeared to have been quite hurting for Jasmine, the US Weekly reported. She cries while telling the camera “The night’s going and going, and everyone I’ve talked to has talked to him, and I have not, so I’m a little upset about that.”

The Bachelor Season 21 premieres on ABC on January 2 at 8 p.m.

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Photo: Instagram/Nick Viall On The Bachelor

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The Bachelor Nick Viall Says He Found Love In More Than One Woman

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