Former The Bachelor Australia Contestant Admits Heavy Drinking After She Was Left Brokenhearted

The Bachelor Australia
The Bachelor Australia

Former The Bachelor Australia contestant Lana Jeavons-Fellows has revealed what she has been through tough times after being left heartbroken on the reality show.

Lana admitted that she struggled to keep herself away from drinking after she was dumped in the Aussie’s version of the dating show. Lana finished as a runner-up in The Bachelor Australia 2015 after Sam Wood chose single mom Snezana Markoski in the finale.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Lana confessed that she turned to partying after her time on the show. She told the publication:

“After the show I was going out a lot, drinking a lot with girlfriends and that can get you into a negative headspace … I wasn’t a big drinker, but on the show you drink champagnes.”

Lana said it took her a year to get back on her feet. She added that her friends, including model and TV presenter Laura Dundovic, helped her back to who she was before.

According to Mail Oline, Lana also previously revealed to the publication that she gained weight due to comfort eating after the show wrapped up. She said her former personal trainer beau helped her get back into shape again.

The 28-year-old brunette beauty assured that everything is doing fine with her now. She has a boyfriend, entrepreneur Jake Meah, and also recently purchased a property in Queensland. Lana added that she plans to travel more before she turns 30.

Lana Jeavons-Fellows in The Bachelor Australia 2015

The Sydney-based communications executive easily caught Sam’s attention when she entered the mansion towards the latter part of the reality competition. At the time, Sam even asked Lana if she can see herself living in Melbourne. The 35-year-old sports instructor is based in Melbourne, while Lana lives in Sydney.

Lana quickly rose from being a latecomer in the show to a frontrunner. Many of the show’s fans expected that Sam will pick Lana in the end, but it did not happen.

After the season finale in 2015, Lana admitted that she felt “used” after Sam dumped her. In another interview, Lana confesses that she genuinely thought Sam would choose her. Sam and Snezana are reportedly planning to get married in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the upcoming The Bachelor 2017 Australia will star by runner-up Matty Johnson. The show will premiere in July 2017. About 22 women will try to win Matty’s heart this season.

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Image Source: Facebook/The Bachelor Australia

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Former The Bachelor Australia Contestant Admits Heavy Drinking After She Was Left Brokenhearted

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