The Bachelor 2017 Winner: Nick Viall Proposes to Vanessa

The Bachelor 2017 winner
The Bachelor

The Bachelor 2017 winner has been named. Nick Viall proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi and she said yes.

Nick and Vanessa officially declared their love for each other after speculations that the bachelor will end up alone after the season finale. The two, however, admitted that there is a tough road ahead of them as they embark on the new chapter of their lives.

During After the Final Rose, Nick and Vanessa admitted that they have fears about their relationship not working out. Nick added that he feels the pressure to make their relationship last.

They also confessed that there have been tough times since they got engaged. People quoted the 29-year-old teacher as saying:

“I’m not going to sugarcoat things — some days are tougher than others, like any relationship. Ours is just televised.”

When asked if they already set a wedding date, Vanessa said they are not at the point of picking a date yet. She said right now they are taking things slow in this aspect. However, the two revealed that they have decided in which country to live.

The Bachelor 2017 winner confessed that she is ready to move to the U.S. as soon as they figure out how to make that happen. The Montreal beauty is a special education teacher in her hometown.

Nick and Vanessa earlier had a tense conversation when she asked him about the possibility of him moving to Canada. At the time, Nick admitted to Vanessa that he can’t imagine himself leaving America for Canada.

The Bachelor 2017 Season Finale Recap

In the final episode of season 21, the final two ladies met Nick’s family. Raven Gates got the interest of the bachelor’s family when she said she is ready to be engaged. Nick’s mom also sees Raven as someone who can’t hurt another person.

Then they met Vanessa, who admitted that she is in love with Nick but not quite ready to be engaged. At the end, the family is for Vanessa but the final say would still come from Nick’s.

In the final rose ceremony, Raven tells Nick once again that she loves him, Entertainment Weekly noted. In return, Nick tells her how much he cares and respects her. Then Nick cries while telling her that his heart is for somebody else.

In the end, Raven tells him that she never regretted revealing how much she feels about him. Then Vanessa comes in.

The two reminisced about the first time they saw each other. Vanessa then promised to remind him every day of how happy he makes her. She also vowed to listen to him.

With that, Nick gets down on one knee and proposes to Vanessa. The Bachelor 2017 winner said yes while sobbing into her hands.

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Image Source: Instagram/Nick Viall

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The Bachelor 2017 Winner: Nick Viall Proposes to Vanessa

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