The Bachelor 2017 Recap Nick Viall Reveals The One Woman He Keeps Thinking About

The Bachelor 2017 Recap
The Bachelor 2017 Recap

Nick Viall revealed his feelings about one particular woman he can’t stop thinking about in his latest The Bachelor 2017 recap blog. Who could it be?

Nick and the 14 remaining contestants traveled to his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin where the girls had their group farm date and got their hands dirty–literally. At the farm, the ladies–except for Corinne, shoveled cow poop.

Danielle also had her solo date with Nick. The 36-year-old hunk admitted that he had fun with Danielle and the connection between them is getting stronger.

The businesswoman from LA, on the other hand, shared the story of her family to Nick and opened up about her parents’ divorce. The two ended their date attending Chris Lane’s concert.

“Danielle really moved me on this date, the whole day had brought me back to thinking about my entire journey … It felt really good to be with a woman I could see such an amazing future with, who also made everything in my past make sense, because I was sitting with her,” Nick wrote in his blog for People magazine.

He also defended Danielle’s action when she pulled him away prior to the rose ceremony. Nick said the other girls should not give Danielle a hard time for what she did.

“I celebrate bold moves, and I felt like it was great that Danielle pulled me. We came off such a high from our date, and I fully support wanting to end the week on high,” he said.

The Bachelor 2017 Recap

At the cocktail party, Corinne and Taylor had their own drama. The mental health counselor told Corinne that she thinks the businesswoman from Florida lacks the maturity to date Nick. Corinne did not appreciate Taylor’s view.

Nick also expressed his disappointment on how the other ladies view Corinne as a bad person. He explained that he had been in the same situation before and he understands her. He also stressed that he will not let other women’s relationship with Corinne affect his.

At the rose ceremony, Raven got the first rose. Danielle and Taylor also received roses. Corrine and Christen were the last two left before Nick eventually gave the final rose to Corinne.

The Bachelor 2017 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. in ABC. Stay tuned for more The Bachelor 2017 only here at GoshTV.

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Image Source: Instagram/Bachelor ABC

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The Bachelor 2017 Recap Nick Viall Reveals The One Woman He Keeps Thinking About

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