The Bachelor 2017 Nick Viall Gets Slap on First Date

The Bachelor 2017
The Bachelor 2017

The Bachelor 2017 star Nick Viall has been slapped in the face on his first date this season. This could be the worst first date ever for him. The good news is that it was only for an activity on the show.

In the most recent episode of the dating show, Viall goes on a group date with six ladies to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood. The contestants were tasked to do their fake break-up story with Viall. One of the girls got carried away and slapped him.

While other calmly talked to the hunk bachelor, Josephine decided to take things seriously. She first delivered her break-up line to the bachelor before hitting him in the face. Viall and the other contestants were shocked with what happened.

In an interview with E! News, Viall talked about the “slap.” The 36-year-old hunk from Wisconsin admitted that it was “unexpected and painful.”

Nick Viall’s Future Plan

Viall is also considering joining Dancing With The Stars aside from spending time with the woman he will choose in the finale.

When asked about the rumors which suggest he is interested in joining the show, he quickly gave his answer. He admitted to Entertainment Tonight that it will be an honor for him to be considered and he would probably try it.

“I mean, I haven’t given it much thought. I think it would be fun, you know? Who wouldn’t wanna do it? Right now I am focused on being The Bachelor. [But] if they asked — I mean, I don’t think I would say my first thought wouldn’t be no, but I think anyone would feel lucky to even be considered,” said Viall.

Viall is not the first star of the Bachelor Nation that joined the dancing show. Former Bachelor star Chris Soules recently competed on DWTS Season 20. He and his professional dance partner Witney Carson finished fifth. Soules appeared in Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette along with the new Bachelor. Other members of the reality dating show who have danced their way to the DWTS dance floor were Trista Sutter, Melissa Rycroft, Jake Pavelka and Sean Lowe.

Furthermore, Viall also admitted that he is also thinking about trying his luck in Hollywood in the future.

Don’t miss The Bachelor 2017 every Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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Image Source: Twitter/Bachelor ABC

Video Source: YouTube/Anna Marie

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The Bachelor 2017 Nick Viall Gets Slap on First Date

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