The Bachelor 2017 Finale: Nick Viall’s Parents Worried That Vanessa Will Hurt Their Son

The Bachelor 2017 Finale
The Bachelor

Nick Viall’s dad does not hide his concern in the upcoming The Bachelor 2017 finale. Nick’s father worries that Vanessa Grimaldi might hurt his son.

In the upcoming episode, Vanessa and Raven Gates will meet Nick’s family. A sneak peek for the season 21 finale shows Nick’s dad Chris talking to Vanessa. The two are seen breaking down in tears as they talk about relationships.

Vanessa asks the senior Viall if love is enough to make a relationship last. Chris tells her that she should not only love a person but also sacrifice for him and selflessly commit to him.

In the clip shared by Entertainment Tonight, Vanessa confesses her feelings for Nick. However, Chris also expresses concern that she might only hurt his son. He admitted on camera:

“I really could feel her emotion, but it was a little bit of fear that she could hurt Nick.”

In the previous episode, Nick and Vanessa had a serious talk about the possibility of the former moving to Canada. Vanessa asked him about his thoughts of living in Canada if they choose to continue with their relationship. Nick admitted to the special education teacher that he can’t imagine himself living in the country.

Will Nick Propose in The Bachelor 2017 Finale?

In another promo, it seems like Nick and both Vanessa and Raven have doubts in their minds. Nick can be heard saying:

“I’m in love with these two women, but I’ve been incredibly terrified because I was very much in love with Andi and Kaitlyn and I was really heartbroken both times. I am terrified that will happen again.”

The clip also teased that there is another “first” that will be revealed in the upcoming finale of the reality TV show. The promo hinted that an After the Final Rose special will include a mysterious “Bachelor first.” The ATFR special airs after the two-hour finale.

Does the promo suggest that Nick will not propose to any of the ladies? Will he be leaving Finland alone?

In the previous episode, he hinted that he might end up alone at the finale of season 21. Nick said he hopes that he will not regret his fourth attempt to find true love in a reality TV show.

However, he also said in an interview with Us Weekly prior to the premiere of The Bachelor season 21 that he indeed found the woman he has been looking for. But the hunk from Wisconsin also teased that he had a tough time choosing the right woman for him.

The Bachelor 2017 finale will air on Monday, March 13 at 8 p.m. in ABC.

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Image Source: Instagram/Bachelor ABC

Video Source: Twitter/Bachelor ABC

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The Bachelor 2017 Finale: Nick Viall’s Parents Worried That Vanessa Will Hurt Their Son

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