The Bachelor 2017 Finale: Nick Viall Teases Who He Might End Up With in the Finale

The Bachelor 2017 Finale
The Bachelor

Nick Viall has teased on who he might choose at the end as The Bachelor 2017 finale is less than a week away.

Viall has narrowed the list to his final two contestants after he sent Rachel Lindsay home Monday night. Between the two remaining ladies – Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates – it seems like he is close in naming Vanessa as his The One.

Nick shared with People that during the Fantasy Suite episode, he connected with Vanessa deeply. The Bachelor star said he felt that he and Vanessa could talk about their concerns. Nick added that this gave him a lot of confidence about them working everything out together.

The 36-year-old hunk from Wisconsin also admitted that he could not imagine himself being anywhere else when Vanessa told him that she loves him.

“A lot of our date was spent building on our connection, we were able to really communicate on what could happen in our future. Vanessa and I always seemed to be able to air out our questions and concerns and that gave me a lot of confidence about our ability to work through things together.”

In the recent episode, the two had an argument over Nick’s concerns that he wouldn’t fit into Vanessa’s very traditional family. Vanessa also placed Nick in a hot seat amidst the frigid temperature of Finland.

The Melbourne beauty asked him if he would consider moving to Canada if they choose to move forward with their relationship. Nick’s response upset Vanessa.

Nick told her he can’t see himself moving to Vanessa’s homeland. The 29-year-old teacher expressed concern that Nick does not want to be near her family.

Nick was asked the same question in an interview with Glamour. He said he would do anything for love but also stressed that he still wants to live in America.

Who Will Nick Choose in The Bachelor 2017 Finale?

Many predicted that the final rose will go to Vanessa. Fans further speculated that Vanessa won Nick’s heart after a photo of her in a bridal boutique was posted online.

In a photo shared on Instagram, Vanessa was seen inside the bridal boutique called Le Chateau of Holly Wiancko. The photo was captioned: “A good way to end the week at the office! #thebachelor.”

There are also predictions that Nick will choose Vanessa at the finale and the two will be engaged. However, there were also reports that the couple is currently struggling in their relationship.

This is Nick’s fourth attempt to find love in a reality show. Nick will hand the final rose on The Bachelor finale on March 13 at 8:00 p.m. in ABC.

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Image Source: Twitter/Bachelor ABC

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The Bachelor 2017 Finale: Nick Viall Teases Who He Might End Up With in the Finale

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