The Bachelor 2017 Corinne Evicted, Her Own TV Show on the Way

The Bachelor 2017
Corinne Olympios

Corinne Olympios has been evicted from The Bachelor 2017. However, according to her, she has already moved on.

Nick Viall booted out Corinne in the latest episode of the reality TV show. The 24-year-old businesswoman admitted that she was shocked when Nick kicked her out since they had a great time during the hometown dates.

Corinne has been tagged as the villain in season 21 because of her aggressive behavior. She went topless on her first date with Nick on a swimming pool and let him lick some whipped cream off her boobs in front of the other contestants. Corinne also received criticisms after she admitted on TV that she still has a nanny.

The businesswoman from Florida appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live! and told the host that she has moved on from her experiences at The Bachelor 2017. Corinne added she wasn’t even sure if she would appear in the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

The blonde beauty admitted that she hasn’t received an offer to appear in another Bachelor nation show. Corinne added she might not even be free to do BIP.

Corinne’s Own Reality TV Show

Corinne revealed to E! News that several TV networks expressed interested in her life story. Corinne said a lot of networks have approached her about starring in her own show that would feature her family, including her nanny Raquel. She said:

“I think America is interested in me having a reality TV show with my family, my family is awesome, as you all could tell on my hometown date. America totally wants it, I hear it all the time. There is a lot of talk about, I’m going to say a lot of networks are interested. Obviously, my loyalty is here with ABC and things like that. So there’s still a lot of stuff to be worked out, but we’ll see what comes in the future.”

However, Corinne also admitted that she is still interested to star as The Bachelorette leading lady after the stint of fellow The Bachelor contestant Rachel Lindsay. She had this to say:

“I would’ve loved to be the Bachelorette and I would always love to be the Bachelorette. If that happened in the future, that’d obviously be a great honor.”

The Bachelor season 21 is heading to Fantasy Suites dates next week with the three remaining ladies – Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa.  Don’t miss week 9 part 2 on Monday, March 6 at 8 p.m. in ABC.

It will be followed by the two-hour Women Tell All special from 9-11 p.m. The Bachelor 2017 finale will be on March 13.

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Image Source: Instagram/Corinne Olympios

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The Bachelor 2017 Corinne Evicted, Her Own TV Show on the Way

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