Avengers Infinity War Spoilers Reveal Crucial Details About the Film

Avengers Infinity War spoilers
Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

When Marvel released the preview for the third Avengers movie, fans of the MCU woke up to the reality that stories of iconic characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor may soon come to an end. Nevertheless, that did not stop eagle-eyed Netizens from taking the video second by second. This later on led to the stream of potential Avengers Infinity War spoilers.

One of the discussions on the video raised the question on whether the clip revealed the film’s major battle scene. An article from Comic Book offers an in-depth scrutiny of the matter.

The source takes notice of the film’s set, a look at the Infinity Gauntlet, and the coming together of the cast. CB discusses these elements in a slideshow.

For the set, the source takes note of that clip set against a vast green screen. Comic Book details that since the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and other heroes are in the scene, this could be the major battle of the movie.

CB also took notice of the shot featuring the Infinity Gauntlet. In the Marvel Comics, the Infinity Gauntlet hosts the different Infinity Stones. Consequently, these gems has been teased across the Marvel movies.

The appearance of the Gauntlet goes to show that at some point, Thanos succeeds in collecting all the stones. It is now the job of the heroes to stop the super villain from using the Gauntlet in destroying multiple worlds.

Avengers Infinity War Spoilers

Considering Marvel’s efforts to keep important details of production under wraps, it’s hard to come by reliable spoilers. Nevertheless, some appear more convincing than others.

The widely known spoiler to come out about the upcoming film is the number of heroes to grace it. The Russo Brothers themselves confirmed that more or less 67 heroes appear in the ensemble movie.

The Avengers roughly sum up to 15 members, give or take. Meanwhile the Guardians of the Galaxy make a roster of 6 or more. This brings the total of the two teams to 21, which still leaves a good 46 heroes unaccounted for.

The huge number of unconfirmed heroes continue to fuel fans’ hopes that Marvel’s TV characters also make it to the film. However, the Russos already dismissed the idea, citing the complexities of bringing together characters from different platforms.

Meanwhile, sources also say that Marvel’s films in 2020 also provide Avengers Infinity War spoilers. According to a 2016 article from /Film, Marvel head Kevin Feige shared that revealing the titles of the films will spoil Infinity War.

This led the source to speculate that major characters will die in Avengers 3 and 4. For instance, if Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) dies, the likely successor to the Captain America mantle is the Falcon (Anthony Mackie).

Consequently, Marvel announcing a Captain America film for 2020 will just clue in fans that it will be another Cap in the title role. Nevertheless, the source clarifies that this is just speculation.

Stay tuned for more Avengers Infinity War spoilers. For now, check out the film’s first look below.

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Image Source: Flickr/Pat Loika via Creative Commons

Video Source: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

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Avengers Infinity War Spoilers Reveal Crucial Details About the Film

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