Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 to Explore More of Ash’s Purpose, Promises More Crazy Stuff

Ash vs Evil Dead season 3
Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 promises to be crazier than ever as it digs deeper into the story of the lead character. What lies ahead for fans of the show?

News of the Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 renewal came out late last year at the New York Comic Con. Nevertheless, it would appear Den of Geek did not doubt its return at all.

So, what can fans of the Evil Dead expect when the series returns for its third season? Here is everything we know so far about it.

Bruce Campbell Teases Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Plot

Bruce Campbell teased the plot for season 3 early on. Indeed, the hints he gave point to a crazier season. Moreover, audiences get to know more about his character as well as why he is the chosen one.

“I can’t say much because we’re going to try and do some crazy s**t. But we’re probably going to crack more into Ash’s big picture story. He is foretold in an ancient book. He’s not just some guy in a crappy trailer home,” Campbell told Entertainment Weekly last December.

He further explained that there’s a myth to Ash and the upcoming season will delve more on his story. The exploration asks why he–of all people–emerges as the chosen one.

How the Change in Showrunner Affects Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3

Alas, Craig DiGregorio will not be around for season 3. The showrunner bid goodbye to the series due to creative differences between him and Rob Tapert. The latter is a long-time producer of the Evil Dead cult movies and the TV series.

Their conflict stems from their opposing views on what direction the series should take. DiGregorio wanted to keep it funny and amusing in the midst of the gore.

Indeed, fans love its signature trait which gave it an edge over other shows like Stan Against Evil. On the other hand, Tapert required a more grim tone likely to keep with the spirit of most horror shows.

The task of showrunner now falls upon the shoulders of Mark Verheiden, who worked with Battlestar Galactica and on Netflix’s Daredevil. Thus, can fans expect something more dramatic and horrific when the show returns? DiGregorio thinks it is possible though it is something he tries not to mull over.

Nonetheless, he advises the new showrunner and Tapert to keep the show in Elk Grove even if they push through with more horror. To date, it is uncertain if they would consider the advice. The Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 air date could be in the fall during the Halloween season.

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Image source: Facebook/Ash vs Evil Dead

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 to Explore More of Ash’s Purpose, Promises More Crazy Stuff

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