Arrow Season 6 No More Flashbacks of Oliver Queen’s Island Past

Arrow Season 6
Arrow Season 6

There will be no more flashbacks of Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) time in the island in Arrow season 6.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed that all of Olie’s flashback on how he became the Arrow will end in season 5. He, however, clarified that there will still be some flashbacks in Arrow season 6. Guggenheim said it will be just a way to clear out some of the characters’ pasts, Den of Geeks reported.

“We basically went into this season [the fifth one] with the expectation that we would get a sixth season and we basically decided that this [season 5] would be the last year of the island-centric flashbacks … We’ve totally talked about [flash-forwards] and I don’t rule that out at all. But the island story, which is a continuing story unlike the other flashbacks I’ve mentioned, will end in Season 5,” he said.

For Arrowverse fans, it has been known that almost every episode of the hit CW show has featured scenes from Oliver’s five years in hell.  Viewers have seen in these flashbacks how billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen, became a highly-skilled bow-and-arrow-sporting vigilante of Starling City.

Who’s Coming Back in Arrow Season 6

The CW has renewed Arrow for its sixth season over the weekend. Showrunners have yet to reveal details on who will come back in the next installment. There is no information on who might be killed off in the finale of season 5 as well.

As for Laurel Lance‘s (Katie Cassidy) future in Arrow season 6, the show bosses have yet to confirm that matter. What is certain is that she will return when Arrow comes back from its mid-season break. In episode 10, titled Who Are You?, Laurel will revisit Starling City with her new and stronger powers.

In an interview with ComicBook, executive producer Greg Berlanti stressed that Laurel’s return in Arrowverse is something they have planned for. “We made a deal at the end of [season 4] to bring her back for a bunch of episodes … Because the show, like a comic book, can move in different ways, and characters go and come… There’s the capacity for her to be [in all four shows],” he said.

The midseason premiere of Arrow season 5 will air on Jan. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT in The CW.

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Arrow Season 6 No More Flashbacks of Oliver Queen’s Island Past

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