Arrow Season 5 Spoilers Hint Prometheus Might be a Woman

Arrow season 5 spoilers

Arrow season 5 spoilers teased early on about the likely unmasking of Prometheus when the series returned from its mid-season break. Yet could a woman be the season’s big bad villain?

The mid-season premiere of the superhero drama series included an encounter between the Green Arrow and Prometheus. The team had increased their efforts to find the masked serial killer following the death of Detective Billy Malone.

Reasonably, the character’s entry has helped bring back the show’s former glory. Hence, the great interest to find out who is behind the mask comes as no surprise.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers Tease Prometheus is a Woman

All bets are in as to who could be behind Prometheus’ mask. However, the list of suspects from Kayti Burt of the Collider might offer a surprising twist.

Then again, Burt admits the campaign is a personal one. Hence, it unknown if The CW will introduce its first female big bad. Moreover, if she will be Susan Williams (Carly Pope).

Nonetheless, Burt offered a few salient points as to why Susan could be Prometheus. For starters, the journalist is clever and shrewd. Next, she appears to have a huge interest in Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his alter ego the Green Arrow. Interestingly, the recent loss of her career after being fired in last episode could trigger her to seek revenge on Oliver.

More Surprises on Suspects’ List

Another surprise suspect on the list could be Billy Malone. With little known about his past, is it possible he faked his death in order to throw off Team Arrow’s suspicions? If so, then a lot of planning likely went into it as audiences did see him die after several arrows entered his chest.

Other Arrow season 5 spoilers 2017 hint Prometheus might be Malcolm (John Barrowman) or Tommy (Colin Donnell) Merlyn. The latter is a popular fan theory as many are hopeful for the series to bring back Malcom’s late son. Then again, it could also be the father.

Interestingly, Bleeding Cool recently reported an update on John Barrowman’s FB page. Apparently, the actor is headed to the Arrow set after filming his last day of the season with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Thus, could it be too much of a coincidence?

Another name on the list will likely come as a shock to many–Worf, aka Michael Dorn. As it turns out, the actor from Star Trek fame lends his voice to the character of Prometheus. While it might be unlikely, the idea of seeing Dorn beneath the mask could be a major twist to the story.

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Image source: Facebook/Arrow Chile

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Arrow Season 5 Spoilers Hint Prometheus Might be a Woman

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