Arrow Season 5 Episode 18 Spoilers: Oliver Queen Disbanding Team Arrow, Calling Bratva For Help

Arrow Season 5 Episode 18
Arrow Season 5 Episode 18

Team Arrow is in danger to be disbanded in this week’s Arrow season 5 episode 18.

Desperate to defeat Adrian Chase/Prometheus (Josh Segarra), Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will ask for Bratva’s help. Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) would not like Oliver’s decision to sideline the team.

Oliver admitted to Chase his dark secret in the previous episode. The Star City mayor knows that Chase has the upper hand in their battle. Hence, he will reach out to Bratva for help to take down the villain.

This week, Oliver tells Team Arrow that he will shut down their crusade and asks them to go home. But Diggle is not accepting his friend’s explanation and will talk some sense into him. But Ollie tells Diggle to stay away from Chase to keep him and the team safe.

At the end of a teaser for episode title Disbanded, Oliver is seen punching Diggle to the face.  Russian friend Anatoli Knyazev (David Nykl) is also coming to Star City and Oliver asks him to kill Chase.

Meanwhile, Felicity is getting deeper into Helix’s operation and will learn something shocking in the hackers’ group. Will she be able to meet the man behind Helix in Arrow season 5 episode 18?

Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle has teased that Felicity will be in a huge trouble in the upcoming episodes. She told Entertainment Weekly that Felicity will make some decisions that she will regret in the end.

Green Arrow vs Vigilante

Aside from Prometheus, Oliver has to deal with Vigilante too. But unlike the former, viewers haven’t seen who Vigilante really is.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased that Vigilante is someone who is familiar to fans. He said the character behind the mask had appeared already in the show. ScreenerTV quoted Guggenheim as saying:

“As a general rule, I’m not a fan of mystery characters who when you take off the mask the audience goes, ‘What a minute, I’ve never seen that person before in my life.’ I’m probably not spoiling anything by saying whoever’s underneath the Vigilante mask, you’ve seen that person before.”

Unfortunately, the true identity of Vigilante will not be revealed this season. Instead, it is planned for Arrow season 6. Guggenheim said:

“We were excited at the prospect of just letting this play out for a little while longer, and it gives us something cool to do in Season 6.”

Don’t miss the action in Arrow season 5 episode 18 on Wednesday at 8 p.m. in The CW.

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Image Source: Facebook/CW Arrow

Video Source: YouTube/The CW Television Network

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 18 Spoilers: Oliver Queen Disbanding Team Arrow, Calling Bratva For Help

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