Arnold Schwarzenegger Fires Back At Donald Trump Over The Apprentice Ratings

The Apprentice
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger did not let President Donald Trump’s remark about The Apprentice ratings pass. Instead, he even challenged him.

Trump mocked the low ratings of the show during the National Prayer Breakfast last Thursday morning. The actor, who currently hosts the series, fired back and challenged the president to switch jobs with him instead.

During the gathering of politicians and members of business and religious communities, Trump jokingly asked the attendees to pray for Schwarzenegger and the show’s ratings. “The ratings went right down the tubes. It’s been a total disaster.”

Schwarzenegger answered back and berated Trump in a video posted on his social media accounts. The actor suggested that since Trump is an expert in ratings, he should take over TV. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger challenged to take his job so “people can finally sleep comfortably again.”

Daniel Ketchell, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger, also fired back at Trump. Ketchell told ABC News that the actor is also praying that Trump would start improving his own approval ratings as president and would take his job seriously.

Trump previously hosted the NBC show. He left the reality TV series in 2015 after he announced his intention to run for the top government post in the land.

The Apprentice creator Mark Burnett then replaced Trump with the Terminator star. Trump is still listed as an executive producer on the current season.

The Apprentice Season 8 Ratings

This is not the first time Trump publicly poked fun at the ratings of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s season of The Celebrity Apprentice. After season 8 premiered earlier this year, the president posted a message on Twitter making fun of the show’s ratings.

The show has dropped in viewership rating when it premiered last month. The debut episode of season 8 garnered an average of 4.9 million viewers, which was below the 6.5 million viewers of the previous season which Trump hosted. Episode 5, which was aired last January 30, further dropped to 3.71 million viewers.

Schwarzenegger is hosting the show along with his nephew, Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger and supermodel Tyra Banks. The Apprentice airs every Monday in NBC.

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Image Source: Facebook/TheApprentice

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fires Back At Donald Trump Over The Apprentice Ratings

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