APB Release Date and Details Revealed; Fox New Series Impresses and Worries Fans

APB Fox New TV Series
APB Fox New TV Series

APB is an upcoming Fox TV series. The show will have its first run this 2017 and it will feature a high technology police detective drama.

According to reports, Fox released the trailer of APB last May 16, 2016 and since then, the show made a lot of buzz because of its unique concept. With the cast and the high tech graphics, the show might even have large followers as long as it can hold the hype, unlike other series who did not last long.

APB: What We Know So Far

Reports about the series contain controversies as the creator of the show, David Slack, departed the series even before it starts airing this coming 2017. The only reason that was revealed to the public is creative differences.

With Slack’s exit, Matt Nix was left in charge for the show with Trey Callaway as co-showrunner. Along with this news, Fox announces that the new series will be filming in Chicago.

Meanwhile, as for the cast, Justin Kirk will lead the show. He will play as Gideon Reeves of Reeves Industries. He was tapped alongside with Caitlin Stasey, Natalie Martinez, Ernie Hudson, Taylor Handley and Eric Winter.

What Fans Think About the Series

On the other hand, though the series promises an interesting plot, there are fans who are left traumatized with Fox cancelling news in previous occasions. Adding on, many commenters expressed their doubt that on the series future fate under the same network who is known for cancelling shows with the same genre.

Fans opened up about their views regarding APB. They talked about how impressive the series looks like. But here’s the catch, the fans also pointed out that the network once aired a story (Almost Human) similar to this but they eventually cancelled it. Now, they are worried that maybe the show will face the same fate.

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One fan said in Fox released trailer on YouTube, “Fox did a similar science fiction series on police sometime back. (Almost Human) They cancelled it. I guess they’re not really into sci-fi we’ll see what happens with this series.”

“Let’s see if they don’t cut it short like they did with Almost Human or whatever it was called.”-Bruh

“I like shows like this. I hope they don’t cancel it like the did with “Almost Human” and “Intelligence”. So I am a bit afraid I will like this show then nada after season 1.” -OtaconAlonsus

Another fan said this series will be either really good or lame. But on the other hand, there are still who is hoping for the best.

APB premieres on February 6, 2017.

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Photo: YouTube | Fox

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APB Release Date and Details Revealed; Fox New Series Impresses and Worries Fans

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